Hamza Fouatih


3D modeler, Designer, Artist

(1:144) Focke Achgelis 269 (Rotor Down) - http://shpws.me/RqKr (1:144) Focke Achgelis 269 (Rotor Down)
lippischh commented on (1:700) (x4) Focke-Wulf "Volksjäger" by lippischh
December 10, 2018
(1:700) (x4) Focke-Wulf "Volksjäger"
lippischh @nihonkaigun The fact that you were able to put a paint scheme on such a small model is incredible. Thanks for sharing.
(1:700) Messerschmitt (2x Me 328 B + 2x Me 328 V1)
lippischh @nihonkaigun These looks great ! I love how you manage to paint at such a tiny scale!
lippischh commented on (1:700) (x4) Gotha P.60A by lippischh
November 11, 2018
(1:700) (x4) Gotha P.60A
lippischh @nihonkaigun Lovely paint job thanks for sharing :)
Heinkel He P.1079B/II heavy fighter in 1:144
http://shpws.me/QBoH (1:144) Heinkel He P.1079B/II
(1:144) Heinkel P 1073.6.
Other variants available as well.
http://shpws.me/QDj9 (1:144) Heinkel P 1073.6
(1:285) Messerschmitt Me P.1112 S/2 http://shpws.me/Qh5G
Also available in (1:144) here : http://shpws.me/QgHc (1:285) Messerschmitt Me P.1112 S/2
lippischh commented on (1:700) (x4) Yokosuka MXY-6 by lippischh
May 5, 2018
(1:700) (x4) Yokosuka MXY-6
lippischh @nihonkaigun Perfect paint job as usual.
(1:700) (x4) Henschel Hs P.135
lippischh @nihonkaigun@nihonkaigun These look awesome :) definitely one of the most futuristic looking Luft46 aircrafts!
lippischh commented on (1:700) Henschel Hs P.122 x2 by lippischh
May 2, 2018
(1:700) Henschel Hs P.122 x2
lippischh @nihonkaigun Thanks for sharing, these are my favourites so far !
lippischh commented on (1:700) (x4) Kayaba Ku-3 by lippischh
May 1, 2018
(1:700) (x4) Kayaba Ku-3
lippischh @nihonkaigun Thanks for sharing :)
lippischh commented on (1:700) Sanger Silbervogel x2 by lippischh
April 26, 2018
(1:700) Sanger Silbervogel x2
lippischh @nihonkaigun Thanks for sharing ! Lovely paint job as usual !
lippischh commented on (1:285) Mizuno Shinryu by lippischh
April 24, 2018
(1:285) Mizuno Shinryu
lippischh @KOOLHOVEN Thanks for the kind words. Make sure to check out other Japanese '46 types available like the Yokosuka MXY-6.
(1:285) von Braun VTO interceptor first version : http://shpws.me/Pnmy (1:285) von Braun VTO first version
Sombold So344 with a detachable nose section : http://shpws.me/Pn06 (1:285) Sombold So344 (Detachable nose section)


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