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April 29, 2016
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April 26, 2016
Latherius added products to a list
April 25, 2016
Transformers Cw Brawl Tank Cannons
Latherius Is there anyway of pulling the pin from under the turret on CW Brawl to disconnect the hinge...then add a plate under the turret with a pivot hole in it...then add a pivot pin with the hinge attatchments to connect to the original hinge it is possible to have the turret pivot as well?
Latherius commented on Hellicarrier [350mm] by Speed
April 5, 2016
Hellicarrier [350mm]
Latherius Do you think it would ever be possible to make a Hellicarrier scaled for the 3.75" figures? Maybe not a complete ship as a one shot project but maybe in sections or as an assemble yourself model playset? But have the different sections that they have shown in The Avengers movies with a few generic rooms for the areas not shown?
Transformers Cw Brawl G1 Gun
Latherius @cosmiccastaway420ahhh ok i could have sworn that atleast the Combaticons individual weapons were the exact same as the reissue for Ruination. Maybe they added holes for the combining aspect only with Ruination though.
Latherius @cosmiccastaway420thats cool i was wishing Hasbro would have done that with the Combiner Wars line...but as far as i know only Viktorion has combinable weapons. I know for G1 the Combaticons individual weapons combined...was there any other combiner teams that had combining weapons also?
Latherius commented on Chic-Capitan Wings by SteamShield
March 3, 2016
Chic-Capitan Wings
Latherius Is there anyway of altering these a little bit to make them more like the wings of Strafe from the Technobots? Also wonder if you could do a couple other parts for Strafe like a new Nose section and shoulders...using Air Raid as the base model. I have some pics and descriptions too if you want?
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February 25, 2016
Latherius commented on Perfect Match Two-Pack by evilmike
April 7, 2015
Perfect Match Two-Pack
Latherius @evilmike ahh ok thanks for letting me know...those are a bit bigger even compared to the original figures.
Latherius not really sure about scaling for swords...was wondering if these were scaled for the original He-Man figure series or the MotUC figures or actually scaled for possible custom 4" figures? i was thinking of making my own He-Man and Skeletor custom figures using copies of Marvel Universe 3.75" figures but based on the designs of the newer series...but i still like the classic weapon designs.
Latherius commented on Power Sword by Keldor
March 28, 2015
Power Sword
Latherius @ManAtArms cool glad you got what you wanted ;)
Latherius @ManAtArms not sure when they added it or when your comment was posted in comparison, but as far as i see they have Silver (He-Man), Purple (Skeletor) and a Pink (Prince Adam) versions...and a few extras lol
TF: Prime deluxe RID Arcee Blasters and Blades
Latherius was wondering if there were any way of releasing just the blades like you released a set of just the blasters...that way you could have the blades in one base color and the blasters in another so it would be easier to customize. like would be able to do the blasters in black material but do the blades in either a blue or grey/metal material.
Latherius commented on Fantasy Sword 1 (For Modio Figures) by mitul006
March 27, 2015
Fantasy Sword 1 (For Modio Figures)
Latherius so people that aren't familiar with the Modio3D scale...what would that be in figure size? Lego/Kreo, 3.75" (4 inch), 6 inch, 12 inch?


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