Jeremy Stevenson


3D modeler
Full Time Cartographer, Part Time Designer. Australian, Male, 35, no, wait, make that 27 years old. Queenslander and proud of it!

1/600 Olifant Mk 2 Main Battle Tank Company
KokodaTrailModels @JeffyB
KokodaTrailModels @JeffyB OK, done, check the 1/600 Section of my shop tomorrow.
KokodaTrailModels @JeffyB Good to hear you like them. Let me know which ones specifically you'd like to see in 1/600, as there's probably too many for me to make in that scale in one go.
1/700 Mig-29 Fulcrum (x12)
KokodaTrailModels @jiv25 Yes -
1/700 Virginia Class Submarine
KokodaTrailModels @Dioramaman Hi Dioramaman, Agreed, making WSF smooth is nearly impossible, especially for models with fine parts like periscopes, or ordinance on an aircraft. I'd recommend Frosted plastic, except for the massive price difference. WSF is good for objects that don't require a smooth surface, like stealth aircraft, or buildings.
1/700 SSBN-X (Ohio Class Submarine Replacement Pro
KokodaTrailModels @paratrooper629 you can still buy all of my products here. I just don't do modifications.
1/700 8 Cell Mk 41 VLS (x8)
KokodaTrailModels @rebelmodel Unfortunately the RAH-66 is too small to print in scales below about 1/72 without making the parts too chunky, and in a scale as large as that Shapeways would charge about a million bucks to print it.
KokodaTrailModels Hi rebelmodel, The price would end up the same as they would need extra plastic to joint the 16 together.
1/700 Boeing X-32 JSF (x12)
KokodaTrailModels @marks4god Unfortunately not, as most of the parts are smaller than 0.5mm like landing gear.
1/700 A-6E Intruder (x12)
KokodaTrailModels @mmaresm - Thanks, those were some of my favorite designs as they did turn out as I originally started with ease.
KokodaTrailModels commented on 1/700 Oil Platform by KokodaTrailModels
March 19, 2017
1/700 Oil Platform
KokodaTrailModels Hi KingKaddish, Thanks for you interest in my models. Unfortunately all my models are designed in 1/700 with the smallest allowable print sizes. That means that quite a few parts, like landing gear, or detail on a fuselage are at the threshold of what can be printed (0.1mm - 0.5mm). Making a model smaller than 1/700 (ie 1/1400) is impossible, and due to time constraints a redesign is also not possible. Cheers, Jeremy KTM
1/700 A-4M Skyhawk (x12)
KokodaTrailModels Thanks DLucas & chopsm1.
1/700 2S19 Self-Propelled Gun Battery
KokodaTrailModels @joaorenato_paulon Do you mean as a single unit (x30), otherwise as they exist connected with a sprue they will be too big for the printer. Price is determined by Shapeways when I upload it, there is no way to guess. The models will be a resize of the 1/700 model, they won't be resized and redesigned with higher detail, but for a board game that shouldn't matter.
Hi All, we seem to have resolved printing issues, so if you have any re-size requests for Christmas, there is still time to get them in this week.

Simple re-sizes are now available again - 1/500 Le Triomphant Class SSBN (Waterline)


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