Kyle Weaver


kmweaver064 commented on Voriki parts pack by Maphrox
20 hours ago
Voriki parts pack
kmweaver064 @Maphrox i know that, i mean on this website it doesnt show up in a search
kmweaver064 this doesnt seem to pop up in Bionicle
kmweaver064 added products to a list
1 day ago
kmweaver064 commented on Tahu Prototype Mask by Slythenperior
6 days ago
Tahu Prototype Mask
kmweaver064 whats the point of this?
Pepmem, mask of terrible decisions
kmweaver064 this isnt bionicle, delete this shit and your account
kmweaver064 God why No! Delete this
Custom Edition: Mask Of Ultimate Power - Gen One -
kmweaver064 should also be gen 2
kmweaver064 dont like the backside of it
kmweaver064 i kinda like this one more but 30 bucks?
kmweaver064 commented on Mata Foot Addition with Heel by PunkDrunk182
September 28, 2017
Mata Foot Addition with Heel
kmweaver064 unless you have a custom mata foot i fail to see how this works
kmweaver064 commented on [G2] Eltanin's Kanohi Pakari by Onuku
July 7, 2017
[G2] Eltanin's Kanohi Pakari
kmweaver064 I really wanted it fit the mata or metru head Not the new head Can you make it for the mata/metru head Thats what i want Also it barly fit
kmweaver064 I was not expecting this to fit on the new heads but on the old mata heads
kmweaver064 commented on Kanohi Kraahkan [2nd Epic Edition] by Kortess
February 21, 2017
Kanohi Kraahkan [2nd Epic Edition]
kmweaver064 Hello. I bought this mask. Got in the mail. Tried it on and unfortunately the rod inside is a tad small. It fits on the mata and metru heads but it doesnt really have a snug fit. I prefer the mask had a better fitting without it being free and loose when worn. Id like to get a new one that fits the lego bionicle heads
kmweaver064 added a product to a list
December 24, 2016
kmweaver064 commented on Sci-fi armor add-on by Leewan
December 24, 2016
kmweaver064 commented on Kanohi Mataidentoka by tom_rule95
December 24, 2016
Kanohi Mataidentoka
kmweaver064 As said in the lore THATS TOO MUCH POWER
Bionicle: Mask of Ultimate Power
kmweaver064 Very odd design :/ Very sad it wont really get much respect
kmweaver064 commented on Kanohi Komau by Onuku
August 18, 2016
Kanohi Komau
kmweaver064 This already exists though
kmweaver064 commented on Miru redesign by 00dude00
June 22, 2016
Miru redesign
kmweaver064 I seen this on the buyers moc. Lol its too big
Kanohi Kraahkan [1st Epic Edition]
kmweaver064 @MrCupOfFail@MrCupOfFail Omg its u
kmweaver064 Very odd lego never made this They made some cone head rahkshi head And a false movie mask This is perfect & i would highly reccommend it


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