3D modeler, Designer, Artist, Maker
I am just a 3D modeler who wants everyone to have Bionicle pieces.

KhingK favorited The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK
March 30, 2020
KhingK favorited Great Mask of Biomechanics by KhingK
September 6, 2019
KhingK favorited Kualsi Nuva by KhingK
May 20, 2019
KhingK commented on The Kanohi Aki Hau by KhingK
May 13, 2019
The Kanohi Aki Hau
KhingK @Larry_R fits both heads
KhingK commented on Great Mask of Intangibility by KhingK
May 13, 2019
Great Mask of Intangibility
KhingK @Avak1827 processed plastic seems to be the best.
KhingK @TheSilverForge that can happen sometimes. My recommendation is to wrap a small piece of tape around the axle to add friction.
KhingK commented on Great Jutlin (Un-Shapeshifted) by KhingK
May 13, 2019
Great Jutlin (Un-Shapeshifted)
KhingK @doerrbrooke1 I can put the Mask of Dream Presence for purchase. The Mask of Life will not be on the shop since it is an existing asset from Bionicle Heroes that was simply modified to fit a head.
KhingK commented on Great Mask of Incomprehension (Makuta) by KhingK
March 6, 2019
Great Mask of Incomprehension (Makuta)
KhingK @badwolf30 Mata and Metru heads.
KhingK @vielvincent28 I'd have to get the dimensions right for that which will be a lot of work.
KhingK commented on The Element Lord of Fire Face/Helmet by KhingK
December 5, 2018
The Element Lord of Fire Face/Helmet
KhingK @Nicolagalassi More are planned for the future. :)
KhingK commented on Great Calix (Non-Organic) by KhingK
December 5, 2018
KhingK commented on Great Faxon (Non-Aquatic) by KhingK
December 5, 2018
Great Faxon (Non-Aquatic)
KhingK @Shakar It does not
KhingK commented on Great Tryna (Non-Aquatic) by KhingK
December 5, 2018
Great Tryna (Non-Aquatic)
KhingK @Artahka_the_Builder no visor compatibility mostly because of the plastic of the mask isn't the best for it.
Teridax's Mask of Shadows (Movie Version)
KhingK @Xenock At the time being, I do not want to provide this as a metal just because I am unsure whether or not the mask will actually fit when it's made out of metal. Though I might consider it later on.
KhingK favorited Mask of Mutation by Onuku
September 14, 2017
KhingK favorited Kanohi Mask of Healing by tom_rule95
August 27, 2017
KhingK commented on Mask Of Ultimate Power Titan Scale by Slythenperior
August 26, 2016
Mask Of Ultimate Power Titan Scale
KhingK @Slythenperior I am using a small trans orange piece to connect it. However, I just ordered the plastic version so that I can finally put it on the head. The metal one will be on display as sort of like a collectible.
KhingK @Slythenperior I just got the gold steel version of the mask. It is an amazing mask to hold and look at. It doesn't fit quite well with the head since it is steel (but I worked around that problem by using a different Bionicle piece). Overall, I love the work you did with the mask!


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