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Kevin Smith



kevsmiththai commented on BoxCab - Zscale by stonysmith
January 17, 2019
BoxCab - Zscale
kevsmiththai Added handrails, end steps headlights. Extra ballast weight above chassis. Finished in Pullman green
kevsmiththai commented on BTH Ford Shunting Engine - Zscale by stonysmith
January 17, 2019
BTH Ford Shunting Engine - Zscale
kevsmiththai The real thing in original Ford livery
kevsmiththai Worked out really nice. Added steps and rails at the ends and swapped Marklin couplers for Rapido type on shorty chassis. Extra ballast weight added. Video of construction at https://youtu.be/mu7oF3AU494. Stil got flush glazing to addl
kevsmiththai Looking good and the roof detail looks plausible. Even though it has buffers it would be better with a cutout in the buffer beam so that an MTL coupler can be fitted
kevsmiththai commented on Open Window Switcher - Zscale by stonysmith
November 7, 2018
Open Window Switcher - Zscale
kevsmiththai Gab glazing is Microscale Kristal Klear
kevsmiththai Handrails are from Marklin Caboose. No 6 had a radiator grill added from a sheet of Scalelink etched mesh, Exhaust stacks are Brass tube. No 6 will have a headlight added and both will have MTL 903 couplers added with the back of the box cut away. Painted Ford Signal Yellow, chevrons and running plate stripes from Microscale N scale DM&IR caboose sheet. Numbers from Microscale N Scale U.P sheet
Y-25 Drehgestell Spur Z (1:220)
kevsmiththai A pair fitted to a T450 designed FNA Nuclear flask wagon. centre drilled though to take 12BA screw and fitted with Marklin wheels. Coupler box cut off as wagon has scale screw couplings fiited
kevsmiththai commented on 1/220 UK Nuclear Flask Wagon by NeilMachin
July 18, 2018
1/220 UK Nuclear Flask Wagon
kevsmiththai Seen with one of Ivan's 3D class 25s
kevsmiththai Really nice model. Fitted with Y25 bogies from Simeon (also on Shapeways) and finishe off with Fox 2mm transfers which I know are too big but they look right. Has had the platforms either end of the canopy added and the operating wheels for the canopy. Needs handbrake wheels on the bogies and the big numbers on top of the canopy
kevsmiththai commented on Class 42 - Warship - Z - 1 220 by ivanf
May 13, 2017
Class 42 - Warship - Z - 1 220
kevsmiththai The big side cab windows were glazed with celluloid sheet but the rest are done with Kristal Klear. Numbers and Tops panels are from Fox transfers. Seen here with a couple of Ivan's Hymeks in the background
kevsmiththai Best one yet from this designer. Minimal cleaning up needed at one end. Fitted to Marklin SBB 460 chassis. chassis side painted Railblue to match body (Precision paint). Finished as D818 'Glory' which I found on the scrapline at Swindon works in 1978. Nameplates are Fox transfers etched ones.
Iron Ore Tippler - Set of 5 - Zscale
kevsmiththai Video describing finishing and painting https://youtu.be/kHLfUyA2cy0 Kev
kevsmiththai seen here on high line of republic steel with the faded and unfaded Bauxite colours
kevsmiththai Finally finished the two I already had plus the five pack I bought after. Fitted with Full Throttle 33" wheels, Scalelink screw couplings and finished in Humbrol BR Bauxite paint (enamel) with Fox decals. Will shortly be putting finishing video on youtube and will put link here. Still need to add a load of weight and will probably use Tungsten powder and resin to cast iron ore loads
kevsmiththai commented on DMIR Ore Car U31 - Zscale by stonysmith
May 9, 2017
DMIR Ore Car U31 - Zscale
kevsmiththai These will need some extra weight adding. probably a cast resin and powdered tungsten cast dummy load. seen on republic steel passing Stonysmith ladlecars and torpedo car on the blast furnace tracks Kev
kevsmiththai pondered for a bit on how to get a nice close coupled set together and settled on mounting Tenshodo couplers directly onto body. MTL trucks mounted with 10BA cheesehead screws. Paint is Tamiya Hull red applied over red oxide primer. Finished in imaginary Greenbriar colour scheme
kevsmiththai commented on Mk1 - RKB, SK, SO, CK - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
January 26, 2017
Mk1 - RKB, SK, SO, CK - Z - 1:220
kevsmiththai This is the CK that I managed to drop and damage just before finishing painting it! I've converted it into one of the two cinema cars BR had and finished it in the Railfreight colour scheme it carried in the early 80's. Still needs glazing and couplings added. It is mounted on Ivan's matching underframes printed in black.
kevsmiththai Three of these seen mounted on the Mk 1 underframes printed in Black. Bogies are from the JR 485 DMU centre cars and simple link and pin couplings are going to be used as they will run as a set rake. Finished in Intercity Executive livery and windows glazed with very thin acrylic sheet held in with Krystal Kleer. Seen behind one of the Class 86 printings finished in Virgin Livery. Transfers for both coaches and loco from Tony Hill.
kevsmiththai commented on Iron Ore Tippler - Zscale by stonysmith
January 22, 2017
Iron Ore Tippler - Zscale
kevsmiththai A typical train used a lot of these both in steam days and later in the early Diesel days. A WD 2-8-0 passes Foxlow Junction on the Midland 'Old road' with a rake of empties form the blast furnaces at Sheffield
kevsmiththai Couplings are going to be tricky. The vehicle is so small that anything sticking out the end looks out of proportion. First trail was with modified MTL marklin coupling cut down. I'm not at all sure about it and may go down the route of getting something more prototypical etched
kevsmiththai This is the second version enlarged so that Full Throttle wheels will fit. Break out the printed wheels carefully by cutting off the top of the central axle support and they will pop out. You have to bend the axleguards out to get the end of the pinpoint axles in but once in position it roll nicely. Tippler lettering is from Fox transfers but I need to get the Tops panels and vehicle numbers. Paint is Hycote red Primer which is a bit light but is going to be weathered down after the load is put in.
kevsmiththai commented on 4 X Mk1-chassis - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
October 6, 2016
4 X Mk1-chassis - Z - 1:220
kevsmiththai Thanks. I might try and get one done for Zedex 2016 where I am putting on a display of British Z alongside republic Steel. Obviously there will be some of your designs prominent Kev
kevsmiththai Hi Ivan. Would it be possible to do these in black?
kevsmiththai commented on Class 86 - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
October 6, 2016
Class 86 - Z - 1:220
kevsmiththai I've used Tony Hill's Virgin transfers (meant for the Class 47) and have a set to do an Intercity liveried one next. Seen here with a Railblue one behind.
kevsmiththai commented on 3 X USA Tank - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
October 6, 2016
3 X USA Tank - Z - 1:220
kevsmiththai @ivanf Thread I've been running on trainboard http://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/usatc-0-6-0ts.98447/
kevsmiththai One in Private owner livery shunts the plate wagons. This one will mainly be used to shunt the steelworks on one of my other layouts
kevsmiththai Nice fit on the BR89 chassis after a minor mod. Does need some weight putting into the side tanks though when I get around to it. Two BR liveried ones shunt the boat train and empty plate wagons
kevsmiththai commented on Class 73 - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
June 28, 2016
Class 73 - Z - 1:220
kevsmiththai Thanks. I've done a couple of Hymeks in Blue and will post pictures soon Kev
kevsmiththai Quite nicely printed this one and dropped straight onto Marklin E40 chassis. Windows glazed with Krystal Kleer. Transfers from Fox transfers applied over Humbrol Railblue acrylic.Buffers Marklin and jumper cables made from piano wire.
Torpedo Hot Metal Car - Zscale
kevsmiththai two different treatments. Both vehicles have had bolster reduced in height as they rode a bit high.Ballasted with lead shot and and white filler. One sits on Marklin 6 wheel trucks and the other uses Pope design 3D printed Buckeyes
kevsmiththai commented on Iron Ladle Car - Zscale by stonysmith
April 13, 2016
Iron Ladle Car - Zscale
kevsmiththai Did not need any cleaning up and the MTL truck pins went nicely into the printed holes. Painted in Tamiya 'Hull Red' acrylic after priming with Hycoye red primer.
Iron Ladle Car - Set of 6 - Zscale
kevsmiththai Seen on my new 'Republic Steel' layout outside the Blast Furnace
kevsmiththai really excellent design this one. Fitted with MTL trucks with Marklin couplings so I can use on both my U.S and British layouts. Painted with Tamiya Hull red acrylic
kevsmiththai commented on Speeder - Set of 25 - Zscale by stonysmith
October 3, 2015
Speeder - Set of 25 - Zscale
kevsmiththai These are absolutely tiny but look really good. You need to stick them down though as one puff and they blow away!


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