Kevin Cespedes


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker
Architectural Designer 3D Modeler/ Visualization Expert Amateur Rocketry Enthusiast

Check out this cool product! - Astrobee1500-nose Cone ST20 scale
Check out this cool product! - Mercury Capsule Tower for ST-20 scale
Escape Tower for LJ-5A/B for BT-70 scale - LES Tower for LJ-5A/B BT70 Scale (Edited)
The Sea Dart Booster Body! It is important to note that critical to the design of this part is for it to be of a hollow thin-wall design to factor for stability. This part is as light, if not lighter, than the original blow molded design.- Classic estes- style Sea Dart Booster Body (Edited)
kcespedes commented on Northrop X-4 1/48 scale by kcespedes
January 17, 2017
Northrop X-4  1/48 scale
kcespedes The most accurate silhouette representation of this subject ever cast or molded in 48 scale!
Classic estes-style nose cone PNC-55D replacement
kcespedes Again, another great cone to the inventory and is 100 percent accurate reproduction of the original profile shape!
Classic estes-style nose cone PNC-50U replacement
kcespedes Finally! A couple of new cones that i manage to clone accurately from vintage parts I have in my collection for some time, but had not the chance to measure until recently!
New pictures of this cool subject! - Little Joe 5B Mercury Capsule for BT-70 scale
Estes Space Shuttle SRB Aft Skirt For kit #1284! - Estes Space Shuttle SRB Aft skirt replacements (Edited)
SRB Nozzle shrouds replacements for Estes Space Shuttle kit #1384! - SRB-nozzle X2
kcespedes commented on Space Shuttle ET Nose Cone by kcespedes
November 2, 2016
Space Shuttle ET Nose Cone
kcespedes @fredman67Thanks, but I have the original kit, and just test printed the remaining motor nozzle pieces, and will be posted shortly.
Check out this cool product! - Capsule type B! LibertyBell 7 Capsule for ST-20 Estes
Check out this cool product! - Freedom7 Capsule for ST-20 (for Estes kit 1921)
kcespedes commented on Centuri Quasar Fin Unit for BT-60 by kcespedes
March 10, 2016
Centuri Quasar Fin Unit for BT-60
kcespedes @bfoy I posted the nose cone for sale will fit for BT-60 tubes.
Redstone Booster Fin Unit ST-20 for 18mm motors
kcespedes @ccorway thanks I will try in the next 30 days to have it available
kcespedes Try this strategy: use a long 9 inch engine tube and use two rings. one against the edge of the fin unit shoulder and one at the end of the tube. You want two (2)independent points of contact bracing the body tube, and ensuring you don't put a focused point load on the struts with just the shoulder and short 2.75 inch engine tube not bracing anything. Use a long engine tube as a beam to tie the fin unit and body tube together.
kcespedes some folks swear by super glue to saturate strut like elements in other industrial design genres here at shapeways, thought I have yet to try this. My designs are minimal for special reasons, and I would recommend reinforcing where you think applicable, relying on scratch-build sensibility. As a reminder, thought they are resilient, these are aerodynamic performance-based designed objects and should be accounted for as such with regards to launch conditions and safety.
Little Joe ll Nose Cone (QTV) BT-70 Pt1
kcespedes @RJKoenn53 It is there there in the various related categories but try this:
Honest John (M-50) Fin Unit BT55 - 24mm motors
kcespedes @RJKoenn53 For BT-55, not at this time. Check out Moldin Oldies of Sirius rocketry. they have it for BT-55 based rockets. I have it for other scales larger.
Little Joe Fin Unit BT70 for 18mm motors
kcespedes I have Little Joe 2 parts! I can get them loaded now. Search for it. They include a two part capsule and tower, and an entire corrugated body section/fin unit. These parts represent the QTV version, as Estes had originally offered as a kit. All you need is a short piece of BT-70 body tube. It is for 18mm motors. I do plan in the future to do the 004 full boilerplate launch vehicle BPC capsule.
kcespedes commented on Thor Agena B-Nozzle by kcespedes
April 13, 2015
Thor Agena B-Nozzle
kcespedes Yes, it is. It takes a bit of the old school shaping out of the loop for those Verniers. The Nozzle is the closest you can get, but it is still semi-scale due to the motor size. The Verniers are accurate in scale and form.
   Fin Unit T35 Nike Apache for 18mm motors
kcespedes @RJKoenn53 Its intended for Quest 35mm tubes. IT originally started as a Nike Smoke project using their cone, and i made fin units for all Nike boosters at this scale. One can call it GH Stine initiated 1/10 scale.


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