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KandT commented on Align T-Rex 600/700 GoPro Skid Mount by KandT
December 3, 2015
Align T-Rex 600/700 GoPro Skid Mount
KandT @kittiwat1 Hi Kittiwat, fundamentally there's two different setups: this one (the skid mount) where a GoPro can be mounted straight on a single skid. This has the advantage it's clean and simple. The main disadvantage is it makes the GoPro top-heavy, meaning that if your heli has bad vibrations it will, just like any other implementation of such mount, amplify them. You can mitigate these a little by inserting a small piece of foam between the camera and canopy, or preferably by using the spider-frame with GoPro insert ( This optional frame will attach to this mount, positioning the GoPro without the housing and hold it in the back-side (lower COG). Let me be upfront on this: the only way to really remove vibrations is to have no vibrations in the first place, the new frame will deal with them in a better way but will not remove them. Any mount that claims to remove vibrations is a hoax: the only way vibrations can be dampened is by adding mass, the GoPro is just way too light to provide mass inertia. The second setup, called the "heavy duty setup" makes the mounts a little more sturdy by mounting the camera on both skids. By using both skid the setup becomes a more rigid structure, which allows a firm attachment of the GoPro to the heli. This setup has the extra advantage you can place the camera either in the center or on the left/right side, you can even mount 2 camera's for forward/backward shots of stereo. Also you get the choice to either use a mount for the original housing ( (again with the top-heavy disadvantage) or a similar frame for just the GoPro ( Also this setup has mounts for other heli's like the Goblin ( allowing to reuse/upgrade (more will be added as my fleet grows ;-) ) To summarise; - either 'entry level' with optionally - or 'advanced' with OR (and for Goblin) Actually the shipping is handled by Shapeways themselves (not the designers like me). Shapeways has an amazing service and virtually ships anywhere... Hope this helps...


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