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Julien Bol


JulienBol commented on Epoxy Dice Set by JulienBol
March 15, 2018
Epoxy Dice Set
JulienBol @vini_rockaut They will be send as empty frames as can be seen on the second picture, there is a tutorial in the description explaining how they can be filled.
JulienBol commented on Epoxy Dice Set With Decader by JulienBol
February 8, 2018
Epoxy Dice Set With Decader
JulienBol @brandonygaard For the resin I would suggest a clear epoxy with a long hardening time since this would allow you to cast thicker layers, jewelry grade epoxy would be ideal. I would advice against using polyester resin since this simply doesn't provide the same quality as epoxy and will leave you with "smelly dice". For the coloring you can use quite a lot of additives but the best results I've gained with alcohol based dyes. These dyes are sofar the only ones which provides the clear results that can be seen in the pictures. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
JulienBol @sepherothae I'm sorry but that wouldn't be possible currently. Making these dice takes a lot of time and that would make a finished set ridiculously expensive. Yet most of all I simply don't have the time for such a project at the moment. If this changes I'll let you know.
Check out the new Extra large version of the Epoxy D20 dice, because bigger is better! Pictures of a filled and finished version will be posted soon. D20 Epoxy Dice extra large edition
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March 17, 2017
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March 1, 2017
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January 29, 2017
JulienBol favorited D8 Epoxy Dice by JulienBol
January 26, 2017
JulienBol favorited D20 Epoxy Dice large edition by JulienBol
January 25, 2017
The D20 Epoxy dice large edition is now available! Check it out here: - D20 Epoxy Dice large edition
JulienBol commented on D20 Epoxy Dice by JulienBol
December 9, 2016
D20 Epoxy Dice
JulienBol @codyschauer@codyschauer I mix the epoxy in a cup and slowly place the dice in there and turn it around a couple times so the epoxy gets between all the numbers.
JulienBol @codyschauer Well the epoxy will take several day to harden, so that would probably be around 4 days. After that you'll have to remove all the remaining epoxy around the dice until there is a thin layer left before you hit the dice. With a sanding machine that would take about 10 to 15 minutes, by hand quite a lot more. After that it would be a couple hours of sanding to go through the different grits, polishing won't take to long. So in total you can get all the sanding and polishing done in one day if you are handy but you'll have to wait until the epoxy hardens.
JulienBol @codyschauer I got the epoxy that I use from an online shop. I would advice to look for clear jewellery grade epoxy, it's ideal for these kind of projects and the sell it is smaller bottles. The colour you will have to add yourself, here I advice to use a alcohol based ink because it gives a nice clear result. It's a bit of work to Finnish the dice but I'll try to make a tutorial before the dice are shipped. In the meantime you might want to get some fine grit sandpaper (from grit 220 till 2500) and some car polish which you can get at most car shops.
Check out my new shop!
I'm just done adding the finishing touches to the epoxy dice set and you can order your own set and customize it to your own personal taste.
Try to make something unique and show your friends who has the coolest dice. Epoxy Dice Set With Decader
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April 20, 2016


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