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November 24, 2016
jsutter83 commented on 'BFG' Trojan System Defence Ship by Junith
November 20, 2016
'BFG' Trojan System Defence Ship
jsutter83 @BitsBlitz I hope that the prow remains unchanged. I love the polygon look as it is just different enough to add variety, but retain some coherencey, with other IN transport ships.
'BFG' Terran Scimitar Class Escort Ship Squadron
jsutter83 I very much like this model (see review I wrote for the single print of these). I just wanted to state that I would love to see a similar designed Voss Pattern light cruiser with launch bays. I would definitely purchase a 3 pack of those in the future.
jsutter83 commented on 'BFG' Terran Scimitar Class Escort Ship by Junith
November 20, 2016
'BFG' Terran Scimitar Class Escort Ship
jsutter83 I very much like this model. It is the same length and width as a Firestorm Class Frigate and I assume that it is meant to near exactly match a certain Voss Pattern escort which are nearly impossible to find. I only bought 1 initially to test and see how it would look and will probably buy a 3 pack in the future.
jsutter83 commented on Gothic Space Station by afrodri
November 20, 2016
Gothic Space Station
jsutter83 I bought one of these and like it quite a bit. The Gothic design matched BFG quite well and is reminiscent of an undersized Ramilies Class Star Fort. I would like this model a lot more if it was textured more (extra windows, observation domes, guns, et cetera) and offered in FUD.
jsutter83 commented on BFG Orbital Defense Battery Platform by GrimDarkBits
November 20, 2016
BFG Orbital Defense Battery Platform
jsutter83 I recently bought one of these in FUD. It came out really nice. The arches make it fit with the BFG aesthetic, but I would like it more if it had extra greebles (texture) to better batch BFG ships. Even just a couple raised bumps and lines around the areas between the turrets would help; currently it just seems a bit too clean. I will probably buy another couple of them in the future, but will likely have them made in WSF as I don't think that FUD is needed with the current level of detail.
jsutter83 commented on Defence Network - Gun Stations (x3) by OKB_14
November 20, 2016
Defence Network - Gun Stations (x3)
jsutter83 First, I want to start out by saying that I really, really like these designs. They fit absolutely perfectly with the style of BFG. I actually think that, design wise, they are a better fit to the aesthetic of BFG than the official GWS defense stations. However, there is one caveat; I only received 2 copies of the top-center design instead of 3 different designs. I was told by a Shapeways representative that this was a problem with the uploaded design and that they would be contacting the designer about it. When this is corrected (and I finish painting my recent order), I do plan on purchasing more of these for my BFG collection.
jsutter83 commented on BFG Viper Class Destroyers (x8) by GrimDarkBits
November 20, 2016
BFG Viper Class Destroyers (x8)
jsutter83 I ordered these in FUD and they came out looking very good. These are almost identical in dimensions to a BFG Cobra class destroyer. They look slightly up armed/armored compared to a Cobra, so I plan to use them as the Rogue Trader recommissioned vessel escorts.


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