jproot favorited Smoker's Head Classics version by SteamShield
November 8, 2016
Chief Medical Officer Head "DOTM" Deluxe
jproot awesome :) now I can finally do something with some of the spare DOTM Ratchets I got sitting around.
jproot commented on Panzer Missle Buggy Head by SteamShield
September 25, 2016
Panzer Missle Buggy Head
jproot @SteamShield great looking head. you're giving people a better Liokaiser option than Hasbro.
jproot commented on Buffalo SPAAG Head by SteamShield
September 18, 2016
Buffalo SPAAG Head
jproot @SteamShield just checked it out. awesome design as usual.
jproot @SteamShield you should make a Jallguar head for Swindle/Hound.
jproot @SteamShield Are you doing all the Breastforce members? Because this looks awesome
jproot commented on Cannon Master Leader Arm Tubes by SteamShield
September 5, 2016
Cannon Master Leader Arm Tubes
jproot @SteamShield Thanks, can't wait to see those pictures.
jproot @SteamShield do these affect the combiner mode at all? (sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions)
jproot @SteamShield so if I switch Menasor's head with Primes combiner head it should work?
jproot @SteamShield will these upgrades also work with the Motormaster version of the figure too?
jproot commented on Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2 by SteamShield
September 3, 2016
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2
jproot now I'm going to have to buy another First Aid. Nice work @SteamShield
jproot commented on Heads for CW 'Overlord' by fakebusker83
August 14, 2016
Heads for CW 'Overlord'
jproot @fakebusker83 Awesome design. Perfect Heads for a custom I want to do. Thanks for making this. Going to be part of my next order. Any plans for combiner hands or feet to go along with this and your Rifle & adapter set?
Titan Head Adapter for CW Hound/Swindle
jproot any plans to make something like this for the CW Optimus/Motormaster, Silverbolt/Cyclonus, or Hot Spot/Onslaught figures?
jproot commented on Calculating Giant's Chest Armor by SteamShield
July 24, 2016
Calculating Giant's Chest Armor
jproot @SteamShield Thanks. I always got ideas. btw, you do great work on here.
jproot why not a Liokiaser chest piece for Galvatronus? prob going to be more than a few people using Cyclonus for Leozack customs to replace Dezarus from Hasbro's release.
jproot commented on Oppressor Head by javaco
June 23, 2016
Oppressor Head
jproot @javaco what size is the socket? will the head fit a 4mm ball joint?
jproot commented on Cranky Offroader Head by SteamShield
December 28, 2015
Cranky Offroader Head
jproot @SteamShield, that'd be awesome, but i'm not going to be placing an order for anything until tax returns. christmas broke the bank.
jproot @SteamShield, would this head also fit on the Dead End/Streetwise/Prowl body? I was thinking of making a Skystalker and your Crankcase head looks perfect for it.
Shoulder pads for Transformers Evasion Optimus
jproot @andy_hungster, does Prime still Transform with these?
jproot commented on ThunderBlades Head Deluxe by javaco
August 28, 2015
ThunderBlades Head Deluxe
jproot @javaco, thanks for responding so quickly. I'll just have to buy this anyways and find out for myself. (makes me wish I had measurement tools of my own)
jproot does this fit the Combiner wars Alpha Bravo/Blades figure?
jproot commented on Blocky Glider Head IDW version by SteamShield
July 22, 2015
Blocky Glider Head IDW version
jproot @SteamShield Awesome! can't wait to see what you come up with next.
jproot are you going to use Rook for Twin-twist to go along with this Topspin?
jproot commented on Neo Seeker Head - Smirky by SteamShield
May 8, 2015
Neo Seeker Head - Smirky
jproot thank you for making this. always wanted to make seekers out of that dreadwing/skyquake figure, just never had a decent head option.
jproot commented on Deathsaurus Head (2 Piece) by CustomsByZ
April 5, 2015
Deathsaurus Head (2 Piece)
jproot does this head effect transformation?
Pharma head for deluxe Armada Starscream (2014)
jproot Thank you for designing this. now I know what I'm using on my spare Starscream
jproot commented on Broadcaster Head "MTMTE" by SteamShield
March 6, 2015
Broadcaster Head "MTMTE"
jproot I would totally buy this if it fit on the RTS Jazz
jproot commented on TFP RID Arcee Jorogumo Upgrade by fakebusker83
March 6, 2015
TFP RID Arcee Jorogumo Upgrade
jproot I wanna get a few sets of these when i get some spare money. I just wonder how they'd look pegged into the shoulder ports on the prime Wheeljack/Deadend figure. Kind of want to make a small group of spider vehicles.
jproot commented on Impactor Head by hokieken
March 6, 2015
Impactor Head
jproot can't wait to try this head out on Generations Scoop.
Great Sword Holders - 5mm and 4mm pegs
jproot @SteamShieldI have one great sword that came with my Battle tanker, but ironically enough, I was planning to order a bunch of greats swords from javaco. do these holders fit both the regular and javaco's dia atlas great sword?


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