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Car Phone Mount Compatible for Audi A3,4,5/S3,4,5
Joli @dimiro @dimiro Super glue the iPhone connector into the holder should not be needed. In case it does not work out something went wrong and you can return the item. The holder in indeed originally made and tested for smaller iPhones than the X version. Indeed in some cases (some car types) the placement of the iPhone gets a little tight. A clear improvement is that the phone is placed more upright in the holder and therefore a little more away from the dashboard. Also, the holder is firmer and stays even better in the parent. even if you give it more pressure to push it more to other. So no the holder does not get lower they sit. You could try a narrower adapter that falls deeper into the cup holder. Send me a private message so I can help you with the right size.
Joli @serendypity Not sure what happened. In the last years, you are the first one with the complaint. I will go to the car dealer to test it out myself and see if there went something wrong in production or the design. In the meantime, you can request your money back via Shapeways. I'm sorry for this hassle.
Joli @serendypity I'm sorry to hear that. I understand you like to get a good product for this price. So we have to find out what went wrong and come to a good solution for you. Can you please send me a picture of the adapter placed in the car and the number on the backside of the adapter. Thanks, Joli
Joli A nice feedback from Jackson about how he managed to build in his car mount cable. "I (Jackson) have purchased an Audi A4 sedan from 2017 and recently the Joli iPhone car holder. I hid the cable by removing the rubber from the cup holders. There you see a flap which you can wipe out with a flat screwdriver. Then you can use the plastic cap on the side (at your pedals) exactly behind the cup holder with the cable. There is already an opening, then it's a bit difficult until you have the cable in front of the hole. I used tweezers to pull up the Lightning plug. You can have the other end of the USB cable run back all the way behind this plastic and connect it to the USB connection under your armrest. This way you don't have a cable to your 12V connection. The only downside is that the standard Lightning cable is just too short, I have solved this with a USB extension cable. I am very satisfied with the final result. Success with installation". Thanks for sharing Jackson
Joli @2PRC2 Thanks for your remark. For me is it important that all products work 100%. Using glue should not be needed. When there is something not how it should be, please send me a private note so we can work on a solution. When the product is finally not how you like to have it, please feel free to send it back.
Joli @MGrove03 Hello MGrove03, Can you please let us know if your problem is solved. When the product is not working how it should you can either contact me to find the right solution or send back your item and get paid back.
Joli @mccormickmichael@radioheadfan2 Please make sure you drive not an older Audi than 2011.
Joli @radioheadfan2 Yes I got it. I contacted shapeways to find the right solution for you.
Joli @radioheadfan2 Sorry to hear this issue. It should indeed not slide out. Do you use the oridgenal apple connector you got with the iPhone? If yes then there wend something wrong. You can contact Shapeways about this issue or send me a private message with you details.
Joli @MGrove03Hello MGrove, It should fit on top of the cup holder. I do not recognise the cupholder on the photo. With car are you driving? The Audi adapter is supporting only the following models. Audi A3 Released after 2011 Audi A4 Released after 2016 Audi RS3 Released after 2013
Ford Ranger now also supported with the Joli quick car mount
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Joli @pieter8 the iPhone car mount for the 3 series bmw you can find here
Joli @crbalch Yes it will work for the iPhone Plus
Joli @DelTaFlya Yes they will work for sure!
Joli @Sebgood. The adapter should also work for the M235i
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Check out this cool product! - MINI Cooper "Keep Control" iPhone holder mount
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Joli commented on iPhone car mount for MINI Countryman by Joli
April 29, 2016
iPhone car mount for MINI Countryman
Joli @mpacaric Hi, I'm sorry to hear that in your case the phone is not holding how it should be. The solution is tested at high speed through tight bends and bumpy roads. The iPhone should hold his position. Therefore I think there is something wrong in your case. There could be three possibilities. 1 The Lightning connector is not put deep enough in the adapter. In this case the connector cant connect deep enough in your phone and will result in a looser connection between the phone and the adapter. 2 The Lightning connector is put to far in the adapter. In this case your iPhone float on the connector. When this happens the phone has no full support on the bottom and will tilted to the side in fast corners. The phone has then the possibility to flip out the connector. 3 Your lightning connector or the iPhone plug is broken. You can test this by holding the connector in your hand and connector your phone. When you now shake the connector the phone is in normal cases holding his position on the connector. Of course when you not happy with the solution you can always send it back.
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