joepiccaso commented on Donald Trump by tomislav_veg
October 24, 2016
Donald Trump
joepiccaso @ZehrChris I'm not sure what you mean by all of your ranting, but A none Vote may be some kind of philosophical protest, but in reality a Vote for Hillary. While Trump is surely a Boorish narcissist he's not a criminal nor a Liar, of which Hillary is both and worse. If you actually took the time to look at the facts and see what you are talking about, you may know this. Yes, it's your right to vote for whomever you please,l a right that may not exist long after Hillary is elected by the apathetic and ignorant, I didn't sat Stupid, Hillary supporters. Hillary's whole life is a lie, and even as of today, she's caught in another one, but you'll never know what it is, as you do not seem to care and judge based on the superficial. I agree with your comments about the Large corporations and the contributions, which should cause you to vote for Donald Trump! Hillary is in bed with these large corporations, Wall Street, the large banks and foreign governments that hate and oppose the US. It all there in Black & White, but since most of today's youth don't truly care, they take what is spoon feed to them through the Oh, so accurate social media. Actions speak louder than words, and Hillary's actions are diametrically opposed to her words and those are provable facts, if ones cares to know them, otherwise you get what you get and have no one to blame. As to the length of my response, I don't see it in much more light that yours. And, since you seems to be a Bible scholar, you know that most Bible stories aren't very long, they just seem that way when one doesn't understand them. I appreciate your view and comments. Much Thanks, Joe
joepiccaso @Lightbringer In Left Field!
joepiccaso @ZehrChris Then you are voting for Hillary! And when the SCOTUS is destroying the constitution and Bill of Rights, I hope you remember your passivity and apathy. Truth is in countries with multiple political parties their governments are a mess and so would ours. You probably don't like the Electoral College either, and without it only a small demographic in the country would control government. I imagine you are young and thus no real education concerning government and economics. Such iis the problem with many of the young today. Very superficial and only are concerned with their own feelings and cannot see the big picture. You (the young) allow a demented media do your thinking for you. This isn't a bashing, but a critique of what our citizenry has evolved to. Passive peoples get conquered and controlled, at least history shows us that. I don't care whom you vote for. I do care that you don't care about your country enough to be enlightened as to the results of such events as Presidential elections.


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