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joe stevens


jobibenkenobi87 commented on YT1300 HSBRO LEGACY HALL BITS by TonyRR
April 25, 2016
jobibenkenobi87 okay sounds like a plan! people will paint these and customise them anyway so using cheaper plastic shouldn't be an issue as long as its not too flimsy :)
jobibenkenobi87 Hi, well 3.75 inches works out at roughly 9.5cm so to be the correct height the barrel would have to be more like 45mm to 50mm high to be just above waist height but 40mm high would work as well especially with the cramped conditions of the legacy falcon. But you're right that is getting a tad on the big side, perhaps sell them individually? obviously up to you what you do with this information, just trying to help :) coz as far as screen accurate cargo for this scale falcon goes, you're the only person on the web to have tried so far!
jobibenkenobi87 A 1:18 scale The Force Awakens Cargo set would also work to go with the TFA radar dish for the Legacy Falcon!
jobibenkenobi87 some more pics of the interior to give you an idea of the scale, oh and mentioned this in another comment but for some reason it didn't upload, but the chairs in the set are unnecessary, will save you some time etc if you didn't add these to the set, but the tolls boxes and barrels are perfect!!
jobibenkenobi87 heres a picture of the interior/main cargo bay
jobibenkenobi87 Well the Legacy Millennium Falcon is for 3.75inch figures which are in 1:18 scale so as long as the cargo was in scale with a regular sized 3.75 inch star wars figure it shouldn't be too big to fit in the falcon in several areas. will try and attach a couple of pictures of the box and the interior of the ship where the cargo would fit in this scale. will message again with more pics in a mo!!
jobibenkenobi87 HI have this set(S) been discontinued? just went to buy my first set and cant find it on shapeways, are you selling these anymore?
jobibenkenobi87 first off, fantastic work!! For its price the Legacy millennium falcon should come with cargo accessories but it does not!! great to see that someone has addressed this issue :) however, the price for your cargo set is as much as I paid for my BMF on EBay, and so I have come close to buying this set, but always talked myself out of it. have you ever thought of splitting the set? one set for barrels one set for crates and one set for the accessories? that might make it easier for collectors to justify buying this. When I found this item (and it was difficult to find) I assumed that fellow collectors would have jumped all over this and there would be pictures of your cargo set all over the web on various customizing sites, but so far nothing (which is a damn shame because this set is perfect!! and would complete the BMF!!). I would never suggest lowering the price as it is representative of the time, craft, and materials used, but perhaps splitting the set would help this item get into the hands of people who could probably drum up more sales through posting pictures of their completed sets on-board the legacy millennium falcon!! apologies for rattling on, I'm sure you understand, as people obsessed with detail are your bread and butter, and I apologise for probably suggesting a bunch of stuff you've already thought of. again, fantastic work!!


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