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Joaquin Baldwin


Animator, Designer, Artist
I'm a designer and animator, creator of the award-winning animated shorts Sebastian's Voodoo, Papiroflexia and The Windmill Farmer.

joabaldwin favorited Solar System by StudioVoronoi
February 13, 2017
joabaldwin commented on Darwin's Cladogram Tree with Finches by joabaldwin
September 2, 2016
Darwin's Cladogram Tree with Finches
joabaldwin @maotura thanks for letting me know, here is the working link for the large, 10 inch version, this should work: https://www.shapeways.com/product/CX8S88F2V/darwin-s-cladogram-tree-with-finches-large?key=9c449d1c002cd903e3f56d469678259d
joabaldwin @Uktenore I actually made a version twice the size (10 inches) since a few other people requested it. It's a bit expensive though, since when you double the length it's actually 2x2x2 times the material in 3D space. It's available here: http://shpws.me/Lizb
joabaldwin favorited MazeBall by SplinterJ
August 4, 2016
joabaldwin commented on Mobius Nautilus by joabaldwin
April 21, 2016
Mobius Nautilus
joabaldwin @bgbdrand I've had mine for three years, with many people handling it, and it's never gotten dirty. You could always wash it with water anyway, unless you get wine, coffee, or something that will permanently stain it. It's super solid. Incredibly solid actually, I've dropped it on purpose a million times, it's a resilient material.
joabaldwin commented on Spheramid Puzzle by joabaldwin
April 11, 2016
Spheramid Puzzle
joabaldwin @Nick_Heymer it's worked great for some items for me, but only if the moving parts are loose enough to move around on their own. This puzzle is hard to turn at first, so at least one part of the sphere will be in tight contact with another part, and will not be colored, since the people coloring won't be spinning the puzzle while it's soaking.
joabaldwin @Nick_Heymer thanks! But I don't think the color would stick well enough, because of the proximity of the two concentric spheres, lots of areas will remain uncolored (had that issue with other models with moving parts before). I recommend just coloring at home with a dye.
joabaldwin @Shea_Design thanks! I love your Escher designs :)
joabaldwin commented on The Seed of Yggdrasil by joabaldwin
December 11, 2015
The Seed of Yggdrasil
joabaldwin @Ray716 so sorry Ray, I will have Shapeways fix this on their end, this last rejection is absolutely not right, it's human error somewhere in their manual checks. I'll send you your 4 prints for free from my account as soon as I get them to fix the issue, I'll send you a private message to get the information.
joabaldwin @Ray716 hey Ray, I had to do a small update to the model, it's 5% bigger now, that should stop Shapeways from rejecting it. It's again available for ordering. I kept the price the same, even though the new version is more expensive. I would like for you to be able to order it with the old price before I have to bring it up a bit to compensate. If I see you place the order I'll get the price changed a bit higher after that. Sorry for the delay!
joabaldwin @Ray716 I'm getting in touch with Shapeways now, they have been printing this design successfully since 2012 and now, just in time for Christmas, they suddenly reject it. I'll try to get it fixed with them in the next day or so. Deadline to order for Christmas shipping is Dec. 15th, so there is still time. Sorry about this delay, I think it's total BS :)
joabaldwin commented on Radiolaria Vertebralia Planter by joabaldwin
December 8, 2015
Radiolaria Vertebralia Planter
joabaldwin @aimeemoyer sweet, thanks Aimee!
joabaldwin commented on Mormon Seer Stone by joabaldwin
September 17, 2015
Mormon Seer Stone
joabaldwin @sanshast that's your opinion, just because you don't think it's funny, it doesn't mean it is not to other people. I have a ton of messages of praise for it, and some of hate as well, and that's fine, it's not meant for everyone.
joabaldwin @sanshast ridiculous things are fine to be ridiculed, even if people believe them fervently. Joseph Smith was convicted for fraud for using this tiny rock to steal money from people, I think a chuckle in his honor is perfectly acceptable.
Kepler's Platonic Solids Model of the Solar System
joabaldwin @rickruss2013 Thanks! It used to be a third of the price, until the pricing for this material changed. Now it's a bit unaffordable.
joabaldwin commented on Tree Origins Bookmark by bpormentilla
July 13, 2015
Tree Origins Bookmark
joabaldwin I'm confused with this one, the pic is definitely not from the material offered, and there's no description in the product specifying that you won't get what you see in the pic. Also, the black SLS material would probably tear through your pages if you try to use it like that, it's too thick and tough. The clear material looks great though, but it's clearly not 3D printed.
joabaldwin commented on Leaf Skeleton iPhone 5 / 5s Case by joabaldwin
February 25, 2015
Leaf Skeleton iPhone 5 / 5s Case
joabaldwin @davemcq Hi! This will not fit the 5c. Unfortunately, I don't have a version of this for the 5c available.


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