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John Comeau


PS3 controller & Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
jcomo Just received the newer case last night. I will say the newer one held up a lot better. I recorded my unboxing of it and placing my tablet/controller into it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Oi94Sny_JI I will say that this is much, much better, though I am slightly nervous that it does sway slightly when you move the controller around. If this holds up the way it has, I'd be happy to purchase another item perhaps for another device.
jcomo @UtorCase if the case I get this time is just like what your video shows I'd be more than happy to recommend a product to everyone and update all comments I've made. I really hope the case I get is just like the one you have in your video because the things you were doing to your case, if I even did that with the one I got it would be in pieces. I'll let you know as soon as I get it for sure
jcomo @UtorCase I just reordered this item and am expecting no more issues with being defective. Can you please respond so I know that you are aware if the issues that happened and that there shouldn't be further issues? Rather than me posting blankly on a wall, it would go a long way for your customers to know you are actively fixing the situation. Thanks.
jcomo @UtorCase the support team was able to issue me a refund and told me that I could order again. What kind of assurance do you have that this issue won't happen again? I very much still need this case but don't want to go through this process again of getting a defective item
jcomo @UtorCase are these cases actually tested with the devices they are advertised to hold? I am in contact with Shapeways costumer service and was just told that they cannot guarantee that any of the items advertised on here "will be fit for any particular purpose" which once again I need to point out that that is exactly what this item is being advertised to do. I'm sorry for being super upset about this, but I need you guys to make this right; you have a customer that payed for an item, got what appears to be a defective version of it, and am basically being told that items cannot be guaranteed to work.
jcomo Feeling super ripped of by this company. This case is advertised here as STRONG and flexible, yet within SECONDS of placing both my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and my PS3 controller in, two different parts of this case snapped right off! That stress test video is also really misleading; the case I received from them snapped in two spots just by the weight of the tablet alone let alone a 2.5 weight they had in the video or a hammer. I have already filed a dispute from PayPal and am waiting to here back from this company. Needless to say I am super disappointed and frustrated that they would advertise this as being so strong when it took less than 30 seconds to break just by me merely placing the tablet and controller into it.


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