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jasonspyke commented on Quenn Tactical Armor Squad by jasonspyke
March 11, 2019
Quenn Tactical Armor Squad
jasonspyke @tank_santa to be honest, I haven't been able to keep up with updating my inventory due to all the pricing changes. I will pm you to see if we can figure it out
jasonspyke @GaryZ not a dumb question at all. Shapeways has the height showing as that, but I am pretty certain that they are flipped, so 3 cm or so tall!
jasonspyke A photo of primed models, kindly sent in by a customer!
Neugen Battle Walker (2 Inch version) - Elite Clas
jasonspyke @Panzerburner Thanks! Glad you like it. I am happy with how it turned out too
2 inch tall Battlewalker multipack. Now with more dakka - http://shpws.me/P3O9 Neugen Battle Walkers (2 inch version) - Combo Pac
The Memory Knight is now available - http://shpws.me/P3c2 The Memory Knight
Neugen Battle Walker with autocannon and rocket po
jasonspyke @GaryZ done. I don't know how it would turn out in that material though as I've never tried it! Good luck!
New model posted today. Steel Cobra Space Superiority Fighter - http://shpws.me/OR62 SA-51 "Steel Cobra"
Neugen TypeB Late Production Model
jasonspyke @Panzerburner that looks great! Thanks for sharing and I am glad you like it
jasonspyke @Panzerburner Thanks! I am glad you like em. I havmany more designs planned but haven't had the time to build them all.
jasonspyke @Panzerburner No these aren't specifically designed for Battletech but I know people who have used them for that game. They are primarily designed for 15mm miniature wargaming
jasonspyke commented on Sumaire War Walker (merged) by jasonspyke
March 11, 2017
Sumaire War Walker (merged)
jasonspyke @ZINO117 thanks! Its about two inches or 5 cm tall and I know people who have used it for Battletech (1/285 or 6mm scale) however it would also work as a combat mecha or heavy droid in 10 to 15mm (1/144 to 1/100) in my opinion.
jasonspyke Thanks! Its been a labor of love and a collaboration between me and one of my customers who had the basic idea.
jasonspyke commented on Glorus infantry group 1 in 15mm by jasonspyke
February 29, 2016
Glorus infantry group 1 in 15mm
jasonspyke @perrycambell8 yup, I'm working on sharpening up some detail and edges and getting the 5 New sculpts print ready too. I am unsure if the detail will carry through in the strong flexible materials but will be worth trying. Will also consolidate them and optimize the print for that material too


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