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issac Gutierrez


3D modeler, Designer, Maker

IssacGG commented on SquonkLab950BH-DNA200-Chassis by slutlab
October 7, 2016
IssacGG will this be for sale?
IssacGG commented on DNA200 Slim LiPo Version by viveck
April 5, 2016
DNA200 Slim LiPo Version
IssacGG @viveck Thank you!! They look great
IssacGG @viveck is there an email i can send pics cause its saying there too big even after cropping them thanks
IssacGG @viveck sounds great I will do that right now, thanks for all your help...why does it say retired under description under the slim? is the revised back up?
IssacGG @viveck should i post pics here or is there some where else you need them? for the completed ones i did
IssacGG awesome just got doen building 2 of these check out my IG @The_Vapin_Architect if you would like to see them thank you Vlveck great design...bottons are so nice
IssacGG @viveck thanks again I'm ordering a few style of enclosure from you...thanks for your time
IssacGG @viveck hello im ordering and cant find the magnets any where...do you have the dimensions for those? thanks for your time
IssacGG @viveck thanks for your time...I will be ordering a few
IssacGG @viveck that's awesome!!
IssacGG @viveck your saying this is 3.4 in tal?l
IssacGG commented on SquonkLab950-DNA200-Chassis by slutlab
January 18, 2016
IssacGG @slutlab Im sorry I dont know why i said recessed buttons...I need the protruding
IssacGG @slutlab I would love to have about .5mm recessed buttons for this model, and i would buy it. Thanks for your time
IssacGG These buttons are flush?
IssacGG Has anyone built this yet? I definitely want to...the door only has 2 magnets?
IssacGG commented on DNA200 Slim Version Back by viveck
December 30, 2015
DNA200 Slim Version Back
IssacGG @viveck awesome thanks!! I sent you a message
IssacGG @viveck Still no update?
IssacGG @viveck ok thank you just read your response
IssacGG @viveck thank you very much! now I can complete the others thank you
IssacGG @viveckThats what I did, I tried various things and still could not get it to fit right, had to seal the door up, Wanted to buy more but I would need the extra room, even when I tighten the cradle down all the way just snug the buttons would get stuck also, if the door was revised that would be great..
IssacGG would be nice to have a deeper door...3mm..the lipo likes to hit the 510 and the xt30 sits ontop of the board since theres no room on the side...thanks
DNA200 mixNmatch - Extended back and buttons
IssacGG @viveck perfect!! Thanks I'll do that than
IssacGG @viveck OK does the wizardry include apoxy?
IssacGG @viveck Thank know you, maybe have a separate cradle with out the sled for people who want to use lipo cause I won't be able to use the sled if I wanted to in the future cause I won't have a cradle after I use it with a lipo....thanks for all your help
IssacGG @viveck OK great..Thanks for the reply..time to order!! One more question I asked before will the slim cradle would fit in this one so I don't have to buy the 18650 sled?
IssacGG @viveck I mean 5 x 1
IssacGG @viveck OK good to know...the slim takes 5mm x 1.5mm ...I will be ordering mix n matches today...I'll make sure to order 4 x 1 disc now
IssacGG @viveck are any of your doors use the same size haha...thanks
IssacGG What size magnets for this door?
IssacGG commented on DNA200 Slim Version oLED PCB Mount by viveck
October 31, 2015
DNA200 Slim Version oLED PCB Mount
IssacGG @viveck thanks just want to have everything once my parts arrive!!! There being printed as of yesterday
IssacGG What screws do you recommend I use for this plate and slim enclosure? Thank you
IssacGG favorited DNA200 DNA75 Compact Enclosure by BlockModz
October 26, 2015
DNA200 Premium case - Easy mount oLED mount
IssacGG will this fit the mixn match enclosure? so i dont have to buy the cradle that comes with the 18650 sled?
IssacGG commented on DNA200 mixNmatch by viveck
October 18, 2015
DNA200 mixNmatch
IssacGG do you still need the oled mount if doing lipo configuration? I know i need the extended back
IssacGG added products to a list
September 27, 2015


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