Intravenous99 commented on 1/1800 IJN CL Kitakami[1941] by matt_atknsn
December 20, 2017
1/1800 IJN CL Kitakami[1941]
Intravenous99 Nicely detailed sculpt of this very unique ship!
Intravenous99 commented on KM CV Europa [1942] by matt_atknsn
November 24, 2017
KM CV Europa [1942]
Intravenous99 An absolutely fantastic sculpt that is a true thrill to paint.
Intravenous99 commented on Amagi (BC) 1:1800 x1 by afrodri
November 24, 2017
Amagi (BC) 1:1800 x1
Intravenous99 This is a very nice sculpt that paints up easily.
Intravenous99 commented on H6K Mavis by miniatures
November 23, 2017
H6K Mavis
Intravenous99 Very nicely rendered sculpts that look excellent when painted.
1/1800 KM CVL Weser[1943] (ex-Seydlitz)
Intravenous99 This is a spectacular sculpt, with very nicely rendered superstructure details and depiction of the negative spaces.
Intravenous99 commented on I-400 submarines by miniatures
November 17, 2017
I-400 submarines
Intravenous99 Very attractive sculpts of these submarines.
IJN Airplane-Tender Akitsushima 1/1800
Intravenous99 Attractive sculpt of this unique ship, which displayed a unique camouflage pattern as well.
1/1800 IJN LSD ShinshuMaru[1942]
Intravenous99 Very gorgeous sculpt of this uniquely impressive ship. I added the aft boom from spare sprue I had on hand from other ships.
IJN Notoro & IJN Erimo Oiler 1/1800
Intravenous99 Very attractive sculpts, especially depicting the differences between the two vessels.
IJN Kinesaki Food Supply Ship 1/1800
Intravenous99 Superb detail on this class of small ships!
IJN Ashizuri Tanker / Supply Ship 1/1800
Intravenous99 Attractively rendered sculpts of this unique ship class.
Intravenous99 commented on 1/1800 FN CV Joffre(1940) by matt_atknsn
August 13, 2017
1/1800 FN CV Joffre(1940)
Intravenous99 Superbly detailed sculpt, wonderful to paint.
1/1800 IJN LSD Akitsu Maru [1942]
Intravenous99 Beautiful sculpt with rich detail. This is the Akitsu Maru in frosted ultra detail with the early-war camouflage it displayed.
Intravenous99 This is a depiction of Akitsu Maru with late-war green camouflage, before her upgrades. This is a wonderful sculpt with superb details.
Intravenous99 commented on Hosho 1/1800 by squint181
July 5, 2017
Hosho 1/1800
Intravenous99 This sculpt looks gorgeous in Frosted Ultra Detail, very clean lines which made it a joy to paint.
Intravenous99 commented on Chiyoda CV 1/1800 by squint181
June 26, 2017
Chiyoda CV 1/1800
Intravenous99 The details of this sculpt look really great in frosted ultra detail; this is the scheme Chitose (Chiyoda's sister) displayed at its completion.
Intravenous99 A true joy to paint this model, this is Chiyoda in WSF with late-war camouflage.
IJN Aircraft-Carrier "Ryuho" 1/1800
Intravenous99 This wonderful sculpt captures the fine details, and when painted looks gorgeous to display.
Intravenous99 commented on Taiyo 1/1800 by squint181
April 10, 2017
Taiyo 1/1800
Intravenous99 Excellent sculpts which look great in frosted ultra detail. Recent work I've done: the foreground ship depicts Taiyo (I shortened the flight deck), and the background ship depicts Chuyo with a late-war camouflage.
Intravenous99 commented on 1/1800 IT CA Trieste [1942] by matt_atknsn
March 18, 2017
1/1800 IT CA Trieste [1942]
Intravenous99 Impressive detail highlights this richly gorgeous sculpt. This image depicts Trieste with a historical camouflage pattern of tans and grays.
Intravenous99 commented on 1/1800 IT CA Pola [1941] by matt_atknsn
March 18, 2017
1/1800 IT CA Pola [1941]
Intravenous99 This incredibly beautiful ship is elegantly rendered with this sculpt; looks wonderful painted.
Intravenous99 commented on RAMB II 1/1800 by squint181
March 18, 2017
RAMB II 1/1800
Intravenous99 Very attractive sculpt of this Italian auxiliary.
Intravenous99 commented on 1/1800 IJN CLAA Isuzu[1944] by matt_atknsn
March 11, 2017
1/1800 IJN CLAA Isuzu[1944]
Intravenous99 Isuzu looks amazing when rendered in Frosted Ultra Detail.
1/1800 IJN BC Design B65 Project [1942]
Intravenous99 Spectacularly beautiful sculpt, immensely impressive detail (the Imperial Crest on the bow is a nice touch).
IJN Jingei / Chogei Submarine Tender 1/1800
Intravenous99 Exceptionally attractive sculpts of these two ships; in this depiction Chogei has the false bow wave and wake painted on her hull sides as she did historically.
IJN Yasoshima & IJN Ioshima 1/1800
Intravenous99 Crisp detail complements these nicely rendered sculpts.
Intravenous99 favorited 1/1800 IJN CA Aoba[1941] by matt_atknsn
January 29, 2017


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