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ifreedman commented on Chess-shaped Dice Set (small) by PoshFrosh
October 12, 2017
Chess-shaped Dice Set (small)
ifreedman Thanks for the detailed response and suggestions. I see what you mean about the differences in detail between metal and plastic and how lower numbered dice would be better suited for this smaller size. I'll think about shapeways satisfaction guarantee. Had I ordered the larger size, I'm pretty sure I would have been completely happy. You have such a wonderful assortment of fun and creative models, so there's a very good chance I'll order from your shop again in the future!
ifreedman I ordered this in black plastic, and to be honest, I'm disappointed. It's difficult to read because the black numbers don't show up well, but also because it's tough to tell which number is on top, in part because the numbers are packed together so tightly. I also got the impression that the base was 20-sided, but it looks practically round. Obviously they take a special style of rolling, too. The design is really cool, but if you want to order something like this, I'd go with the larger designs this artist sells, since they're probably easier to read and use.
ifreedman commented on D20 Greek by Aramsee
October 12, 2017
D20 Greek
ifreedman @Aramsee: Now that you mentioned it, the sandstone die looks very nice! Perfectly suited for an ancient language die like this.
ifreedman I got this in red plastic. It seems pretty solid, not heavy, but not as light as many other dice. It's a standard design and seems to roll well. The corners are sharp enough that it doesn't roll much after it hits the table, but rolls well enough in your hand to ensure randomness. The numbers aren't quite as detailed as the preview suggests, but they're relatively easy to read (if you read Greek).
ifreedman commented on Kraken / Eldritch D20 by Nvenom8
October 12, 2017
Kraken / Eldritch D20
ifreedman @Nvenom8 High def or ultradetail sounds like the way to go. The design is so cool that I would have considered metal if it wasn't so expensive. You might want to think about offering it in various steel variations if they're possible to make.
ifreedman I bought this in black plastic. Pretty cool design. Glad I didn't order the smaller one since the details are already a bit tough to appreciate since the actual die isn't quite as sharp as the preview suggests. It doesn't roll a lot. Probably would be somewhat easy to cheat with this die if someone was so inclined. It's also difficult to see the numbers due to the black plastic. I'd be careful to protect the die -- seems easy to damage due to its size and thin appendages. Still it's so unique that I'm glad to have it.
ifreedman commented on Leaf D6 by danielbambeck
October 12, 2017
Leaf D6
ifreedman @danielbambeck: That's a good idea with darkening the numbers. Thanks! I was looking for unusual dice designs and came across shapeways, and discovered a world of wonder. I looked through hundreds of designs to pick out some of my favorites (often to fit specific themes, such as a botanical theme and a battle axe theme). You have some really innovative designs. It seems to me like the best sellers are often creative dice sets or d20s. There are so many d6s on the site that it's probably harder to make them stand out.
ifreedman Nice die (I love the designs in this series), although a bit unlike I expected, since the preview can be misleading unless you examine it carefully. I bought in plastic green. It's not a square die, and it has two "branches" jutting out of opposite corners. However, it seems to roll true. Fairly light, and the green is a little bit tough to read but not bad. The die isn't quite as polished as the image suggests (pretty much true with all the dice I ordered). Despite the surprised, I'm not at all disappointed. So cool and distinctive.
ifreedman commented on Gears Delirium I - D6 by fpa76
October 12, 2017
Gears Delirium I - D6
ifreedman That's reassuring to hear., @fpa76. Thanks! FWIW, I love all of your designs and would never hesitate to buy another die like this one or any of your other dice!!!
ifreedman I bought this in polished gold steel, and the color is wonderful and the design is so cool! I wouldn't have minded if it was a bit larger, and don't expect the polished steel to be totally polished. It's smooth but textured a bit. The die is actually a bit more gold than the preview seems to indicate. Definitely going to use this quite a lot! Because of the way the weight is distributed and the curved corners, it sometimes rolls strangely, often tipping over and turning mid-roll. That's not a problem as long as it does so uniformly. After testing, I'm not 100% convinced its balanced, but it seemed to roll uniformly enough to leave me satisfied. In 125 rolls, it rolled 5 and 6 a bit more often than average, but honestly the sample size isn't large enough to know for sure if there's an imbalance. I compared it to a random computer dice roller, and the distribution with the random roller was actually less evenly distributed than the real die. Bottom line, I'm totally satisfied!!!
ifreedman commented on Tengwar Elvish D8 by Nvenom8
October 10, 2017
Tengwar Elvish D8
ifreedman I got this in green plastic, and it's fine, although the numbers are a bit hard to read... which means that reading it in elvish is even a step more challenging. Otherwise, it's light but seems to roll well. The resolution on the printed piece isn't quite as good as in the preview, but that was true for almost all the dice I ordered.
ifreedman commented on D3 by Konstantin_P
October 10, 2017
ifreedman Got this in metallic gray. Looks a lot like the rendering. Rolls pretty well, and the numbers are easy to read. About the only weird thing is that you need to look underneath the die to see the result. But if you want an inexpensive d3, it's well worth it.
ifreedman commented on Fred's D20 20-sided Die by plitarko
October 10, 2017
Fred's D20 20-sided Die
ifreedman I bought it in black plastic, and it looks just like the one in the picture. Really great design! It was heavier than expected, and rolled quite well. The numbers were also surprisingly easy to read (much easier than the other black plastic dice I bought). In short, it's awesome if you like the style. Great purchase IMO.
ifreedman commented on Greataxe D12 by danielbambeck
October 10, 2017
Greataxe D12
ifreedman This is great -- much nicer than I expected. I bought it in metallic plastic, which looks really cool. It rolls well, despite being fairly light. Easy to read. Just be careful not to squish it, because the plastic probably could bend. Now I can roll damage for a battle axe with a proper axe-head die.
ifreedman commented on D20 Priar Rose Dice by BigBene
October 10, 2017
D20 Priar Rose Dice
ifreedman A bit small and quite light, and details aren't as sharp as on the preview. It was one of the cheapest dice, and pretty decent for the price (thanks for the reasonable price!). Really light, but still seems to roll OK and fairly easy to read. Nice design. Glad I bought it, but it's never going to be a die that use all the frequently. May be a bit fragile to getting squished.
ifreedman commented on Labyrinthine Die6 by ceramicwombat
October 10, 2017
Labyrinthine Die6
ifreedman I bought 2 of these - in plastic purple and orange. Both are beautiful and roll well. It's big, and I'm a bit worried that it's easy to damage if my dice bag get squished, but I'm so glad to have them. Really fun and original design.
ifreedman commented on Botanical Die6 (Tulip Tree) by ceramicwombat
October 10, 2017
Botanical Die6 (Tulip Tree)
ifreedman Beautiful die. I bought it in polished bronze steel, which wasn't very "bronzy" -- texture is rougher than the preview and the color wasn't much different than the middle steel photo. I'm planning to paint the leaves on the die like I saw in someone's photo on the site.


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