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Titans Return Bumblebee Arm / Neck Swivel Hinge
heirofthedog @GamorreanJedi Thank you so much for the compliment, it is very much appreciated.
heirofthedog @buzzingneon Yup no partsforming at all. The very reason I created it was to negate the "pop and swap" of the arms. With this you just have one more step in the transformation process.
heirofthedog @triponthisman Many thanks, glad you were successful in installing a "dyed" version, but I do apologise for any extra work. Unfortunately the "dyed" materials become a fraction out and on such small pieces even a fraction came alter it a lot.
Black Impermanence Head Legend Size
heirofthedog @SteamShield ah yes I didn't notice that they weren't on a sprue.
heirofthedog @SteamShield Well the high def black acrylate is actually cheaper than the frosted ultra and extreme materials
heirofthedog Any chance you could make your heads available in the new Hi-Def Black Acrylate?
heirofthedog commented on Apple Plug by daniel
September 9, 2016
Apple Plug
heirofthedog @contact67 This (A joke on Apple's behalf) will seal up the headphones port on any iPhone turning it into an iPhone 7, which apparently now doesn't even have a port to plug headphones in, to listen to music.
Combiner Wars Megatron Energy Mace
heirofthedog @pedrop Please contact customer service with photos, they have obviously misprinted this and should either redo one for free or issue a credit note. I have successfully printed this a few times and there is no issue with the model. If the file has been corrupted at shapeways, again this needs to be addressed through customer service.
heirofthedog @cvapoloy yes right hand only. The peg is offset inside the hand cover to be for the right fist.
heirofthedog commented on TW Muddy G1 Gun Big by BelFormers
August 21, 2015
TW Muddy G1 Gun Big
heirofthedog @BelFormers Yeah I thought it would stick up due to the deep "shelf" of the forearm. I hope you can tweek it either by relocating the handle or elevating the stock so that it fits more flush with the level of the hand. Please let us know when it's available. Nice work on the detailing by the way.
heirofthedog @BelFormers as you can see the forearm level which the stock would normally go over is at least 1cm higher than the flush level of the top of the fist. So I think your stock would have to be stepped up to fit properly and not be in line with the main body of the gun sadly.
heirofthedog Are you sure Muddy can hold this? I only ask as the gun's stock is in line with the main body of the gun, and therefore muddy's forearms would have to be barely bigger than the level of his fist, which they are not. Muddy's forearms are a good 10mm higher than his fist level, so the stock would have to be either higher or removed altogether.


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