Gordon Peterson


3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
A long-time technical Illustrator/modeler/animator with geek interests.
Offering original and inspired 3...

Need even more loot crates?
They're also available in a 6-pack.
Add a bit of controversy to your gaming table with this 4-pack of loot crate terrain pieces!
I've released a new 12-pack of War Hawk Fighters!
http://shpws.me/Paox War Hawk Fighter, 12-pack
Considering looking for a partner to help with casting some of my items in resin or metal. Any suggestions?
Geektown favorited War Hawk Fighter, 4-pack by Geektown
July 19, 2017
Looks like Shapeways will be adjusting their FUD pricing structure.
This might effect my multi-part offerings. I'm not sure to what degree.
Geektown favorited 8bladeCWcombined by frank2056
April 20, 2017
Lowered the price of the WSF Missile Frigate because... WSF - http://shpws.me/OpV9 Missile Frigate
Decided to create a set of War Hawk Fighters - http://shpws.me/OpC3 War Hawk Fighter, 4-pack
Here's a 2-pack of the Galactic Scout Ship, New Albion
- http://shpws.me/OnbM 2x Galactic Scout Ships, New Albion
Check out this cool product!
The Galactic Scout Ship, New Albion.
- http://shpws.me/OnbC Galactic Scout Ship, New Albion
Geektown favorited Space Fighter Type-B, 4-Pack by Geektown
March 3, 2017
Geektown favorited Space Fighter Type-B, 4-Pack by Geektown
March 2, 2017
Check out the newly released 4-pack of anime space fighters!
http://shpws.me/ObaV Space Fighter Type-B, 4-Pack
Considering having some pieces cast for reproduction.
Wondering about releasing more original designs of Trek-ish ships.
Any thoughts?
1/2500 scale Aspen Class Frigate is available.
Rebuilt panel lines and details to best fit the larger scale.

Now it can fit alongside the "Ships of the Line" kits.
http://shpws.me/NQtV 1/2500 Aspen Class Federation Frigate
Size comparison between the 1/2500, 1/3125, & 1/3900 scale Aspen Class frigates.
15mm scale APC (FUD) is back up! - http://shpws.me/Ne5N FUD 15mm Scaled Armored Personnal Carrier Kit (Edited)
Seems a couple of you wanted to see the Aspen Class as a 1/3900 scale ship. So here's a 2-pack - http://shpws.me/NdKt Aspen Class Federation Frigate 1/3900 2-Pack
Please remember, if you'd like a specific number or combination of something, please let me know. I can combine models to reduce Shapeways' per-item handling fee.
Finally released a 4-pack of F-104s with Gear Up!
http://shpws.me/N7Iy 4x 1/350 F-104 Straighter with Gear Up
Geektown is proud to announce the release of the Aspen Class Federation Frigate miniature. Our first Trek inspired original ship.
Built using the original Adobe Illustrator files I designed in 1989.
http://shpws.me/N73n Aspen Class Federation Frigate 1/3125 Scale


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