Freddy Wong


Growing up in the late 90s and throughout the 2000s kids have spent a lot of time in front of the television with a controller in their hands. With this in mind companies like have sprung up all over the place to make many various video games to put in the consoles that the kids play. With the number of companies out there making the games not all of them can be successful. If the company cannot make games that the people playing them can enjoy, no matter how much money they spend on advertising and getting the product out there, they will not succeed. BAM! entertainment is one of the companies that failed at keeping the consumers entertained.

Most games that come out are not the big hitters that break records or catch everyone’s attention. They do, however, hold their own and will usually at least pay for themselves. Many of the games that BAM! entertainment developed and published could not bring enough money in to sustain the company for more then 5 years when I was dropped from the NASDAQ board and subsequently shut down their operation. Many of the games the company did develop over the years they were in business were mediocre at best and many were not good in general. Having played a few of the games, I can say they lacked depth that many of the successful games and companies have.

Many of the games developed by the company were based on cartoon series and some on movies. As many games as I’ve played, these kind are my least favorite. Especially if you’ve watched the series or movie the game is based on. The games seem to constantly lack the depth and essential parts of the story and it makes the game unfulfilling. In many original games that I’ve played the story is much more in depth and satisfying. I believe this is because they don’t have the restrictions of having to fit into the guidelines of a movie or cartoon series that has already been established. Another restriction on these games are replay value. The games developed by BAM! entertainment have very little replay value. Again being based on already established products there wasn’t much room for changing things up in the story line. This makes these types of games good to rent but not worth purchasing.

To be a successful video game developer the product you make needs to be interesting and engaging to your consumers. If the product is not then your company will not be successful just like BAM! entertainment. This is why I believe that the games that were developed by BAM! entertainment were some of the worst video games ever developed.

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