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(1.5mm Screw) TR Faceplate & Helm for CW Megatron
fakebusker83 @fbcd767 hmm...have a look at this?
fakebusker83 @fbcd767 Hi there, it does work with voyager TR Megs, but it will be...oversized?
Hammer for Bumblebee (The Last Knight)
fakebusker83 Hi @thecrimsonrid3r, I'm sorry to hear that it broke. Before we move on, can you give me the following: 1. A photo of the pieces, especially the broken area. 2. The Shapeways order number 3. The material the hammer is ordered in? Feel free to send me your details via private messaging. Thank you.
Skyquake head For CW Silverbolt
fakebusker83 Hi @Krommdor, things have been quite busy here as terms are starting. I'm afraid you might have to wait a while as this is quite far down my list. :(
fakebusker83 @PowerEncarnate hi there, no plans for combiner head at the moment...I thought a recoloured Superion head fits my concept fine? :)
fakebusker83 @Ashtonmcvae oh sure thing, I can do a resize. Let me have a look at it this weekend. Sorry for the late reply.
fakebusker83 Hi @Krommdor, if you're looking for a TR faceplate of this character, I can create one for you. TR deluxe heads are slightly larger than other lines, so I think this Voyager head fits the figure fine if you're leaning on the neck adaptor route.
Fusion Cannon for TR Megatron
fakebusker83 @stephinw Oh the sprue piece is flexible. I snipped away bits of it until it is mostly straight, and I used a pair pf pliers to pull it out.
RTS Deluxe Perceptor Accessories
fakebusker83 Hi @Hyoumaru, it's unlikely I'll offer BHDA for this model unfortunately, as the set contains 5 separate components sprued together. BHDA doesn't do well with sprues, and having these components separate and costing at least $5 a piece doesn't make economic sense. We shouldn't lose hope yet; I'll test to see if a static sprue and a new parts layout can be used.
fakebusker83 commented on Minibot "Quantus" by fakebusker83
27 days ago
Minibot "Quantus"
fakebusker83 @HarleyQuinade hi there, this model can be scaled up but it would be prohibitively expensive. How big are we looking at?
fakebusker83 commented on D.R.E.A.D 6 Dreadacles set by fakebusker83
June 12, 2017
D.R.E.A.D 6 Dreadacles set
fakebusker83 @lexinomicon hi there! Each dreadacle link is actually 5mm in diameter, so the entire chain is literally 5mm peg compatible.
Chromia Faceplate for Titans Return Blurr
fakebusker83 Hi @Malunis , oh I may have miscommunicated. When I said no painting required it refers to the main figure itself since Blurr and Chromia have such similar colour schemes. You'll still need to paint the 3D printed piece. Frosted Ultra Detail comes out whitish/translucent/yellow.
Cliffjumper head for TR Legends Roadburn
fakebusker83 @galahad_knight Thanks for the feedback! Do you happen to have images of your print?
fakebusker83 commented on Snare head For CW Firefly by fakebusker83
May 12, 2017
Snare head For CW Firefly
fakebusker83 @Ashtonmcvae Hm from what I remember, it is quite hard to swap heads for FOC Starscream because of the pin in the way. If you succeed in removing the head please let me know and I can make a variant of this model for you. Best regards, Ariel
Briefcase for Voyager Brainstorm
fakebusker83 @Soundbarricade Haha...I don't have a TR Brainstorm on hand at the moment. You can be the first!
fakebusker83 @Soundbarricade The cuff is not designed for the TR deluxe, but material should be flexible enough to accommodate the new shape. The handle can be opened on one side to allow the hand to go in. So yes, it's both opened and closed. :)
fakebusker83 @fb04d10 hey there! What tweaks would you like to see?
Tri-barrel Blaster for Evasion Optimus
fakebusker83 @tkrbob4093 It looks fantastic! The extra large size really help bring out the details :)
fakebusker83 commented on The Desecrated Vambrace by fakebusker83
March 3, 2017
The Desecrated Vambrace
fakebusker83 Hi @m_d_woodworth, maybe the lack of lines was due to the polishing process? And big, cleaner surfaces polish better than smaller ones.
fakebusker83 commented on TFP Thirsty Head by fakebusker83
February 21, 2017
TFP Thirsty Head
fakebusker83 @aganouri I'm not familiar with the RID series, but I see that Shadelock uses a Air Vehicon template?
fakebusker83 commented on Heels for deluxe Windblade by fakebusker83
February 21, 2017
Heels for deluxe Windblade
fakebusker83 @aganouri Alas...use superglue to tweak their tightness? You might have gotten a less than ideal SLS nylon print batch.
fakebusker83 commented on Smashmaster Seismus by fakebusker83
February 21, 2017
Smashmaster Seismus
fakebusker83 @StrategistOnslaught It's 'See-Mus'. The 'S' is silent! :D
fakebusker83 @aganouri For such tiny pieces, the varying tolerances in 3D printing play a much larger role. You will definitely need to tweak your joints to make them fit. Be it using glue or shaving stuff down.
fakebusker83 commented on Crossfire Hands (Brute variant) by fakebusker83
January 27, 2017
Crossfire Hands (Brute variant)
fakebusker83 @fbbd07c hi there, these hands are scaled similar to Fansproject Bruticus upgrade hands...I don't think they scale with any Optimus figures in the BH line though...
Apex Armory for TR Sentinel Prime (Large Blasters)
fakebusker83 Thanks @mikepre84 ! That is looking awesoooome :D
Krok Head For Combiner Wars deluxe Air Raid
fakebusker83 @Ashtonmcvae Hi there, unfortunately this head is not built to fit Generations Megatron, and its neck ball socket fits the torso differently.
fakebusker83 commented on Scrapaci Famishius (5 pack) by fakebusker83
January 6, 2017
Scrapaci Famishius (5 pack)
fakebusker83 @clickpic101 Oh dear...that's brutal :O
TR Leader Soundwave Blaster/Launcher Accessory
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi you found it! How is it. Does the accessory fit snug in there?
fakebusker83 @GamorreanJedi merry Christmas and thanks for sharing those sweet pictures! See if you can find the way to store them in boombox mode! That's what the rectangular tabs are for :D
fakebusker83 commented on Stalker head For CW Rook by fakebusker83
December 25, 2016
Stalker head For CW Rook
fakebusker83 @blunghole your Stalker looks amazing! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you!
Titans Return Voyager Galvatron Helm
fakebusker83 Merry Christmas @fbaa372 !!!
fakebusker83 commented on TR Galvatron Cannon Adaptor by fakebusker83
December 15, 2016
TR Galvatron Cannon Adaptor
fakebusker83 @PNeithan The colour looks very good! Nice job!
fakebusker83 Hi @tekkaman2k5 , to tighten the peg hole you can try coating it with nail polish or superglue?
fakebusker83 commented on G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron by fakebusker83
December 3, 2016
G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron
fakebusker83 hi @wildkickwolf what do you mean? Do you mean the colour? I do not have control over the colour that Shapeways uses.


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