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Michael Scheller


3D modeler

evilmike commented on Sword of Defense Alfredo A. by evilmike
December 16, 2016
Sword of Defense Alfredo A.
evilmike @coltfighterz It's done :)
evilmike @coltfighterz That's a pity! I would love to see those pictures. Can you find a way to reduce the size? Or do you want to send them to me and I'll reduce them?
evilmike @coltfighterz Thank you :D. That's really appreciated!
evilmike @coltfighterz Updated the model with a gemslot. It seems nobody orders the items with sculpted gems anyway :)
evilmike commented on Mini Comic Sword of Glory by evilmike
December 3, 2016
Mini Comic Sword of Glory
evilmike @coltfighterz Sure, done :)
evilmike @coltfighterz I mixed purple with silver for the skeletor colored blade
evilmike @coltfighterz I used citadel colors. For most parts I mixed something. The loincloth and boots are a dark brown with a little red. Lighter part of the boits is citadels bone color and the belt is orange mixed with gold
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evilmike commented on 1 6 FilmationSwordReboot by evilmike
November 9, 2016
1 6 FilmationSwordReboot
evilmike @MortomerFaust Sure, I originally made these for the Classics. Here are both versions for He-man and She-ra in the requested materials:
evilmike @harbi I unlocked 'Raw Aluminium' Unfortunetaley all other metal materials aren't possible. I guess it's because of shapeways' safety regulations. They don't produce anything that could be used as a stabbing weapon :/
evilmike @harbi Sure, what material would you want? :)
evilmike @Haddr Yes, exactly :)
evilmike commented on Cartoon Sword Sheath 2.0 Set by evilmike
November 9, 2016
Cartoon Sword Sheath 2.0 Set
evilmike @MortomerFaust This sword is overall the same sculpt as the Sword of Glory 2.0 but it's scaled a little smaller.
evilmike commented on Sword of Glory 2.0 by evilmike
October 13, 2016
Sword of Glory 2.0
evilmike @dallas_loghry You are right the motuc weapons' grips have a diameter of 4,5 - 5mm so you should be able to use my items for your collection :)
evilmike @kalel6901 the items will not come painted. If you want a painted sword please PM me. Otherwise the metallic polished material will be closer to the original color.
evilmike @coltfighterz, Thanks! I'm looking forward to giving it to the figure myself :)
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evilmike commented on 1/6 Movie Powersword by evilmike
July 27, 2016
1/6 Movie Powersword
evilmike @Haddr Of course :). Just let me know when the Mondo He-man will be released. It would be best if you tell me the diameter of the handle for those figures so I can fit the 1/6 Filmation sword perfectly.
Classics Powersword Snakeblade Curved
evilmike @leoric79 Hi, items ordered through the shapeways website will NOT come painted. However, send me a PM and I can tell you what to do for a painted version of the sword.
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evilmike commented on Horde Robot Hand Hurricane by evilmike
June 14, 2016
Horde Robot Hand Hurricane
evilmike @f73d That's great to hear! Really glad that you like the item. Have fun with it! :)
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evilmike commented on Snake Standard by evilmike
April 22, 2016
Snake Standard
evilmike @ProfessorDire No, I'm sorry. I did not make those flags myself.
evilmike commented on Bigger Sword of Glory - Perfect Match by evilmike
January 27, 2016
Bigger Sword of Glory - Perfect Match
evilmike @anubisdarkwolf That's awesome! I bet that will be an epic display :D
evilmike @anubisdarkwolf I really like your paintjob! Great work! What figure are you using the runesword for?
evilmike commented on 200X Cartoon Powersword by evilmike
January 20, 2016
200X Cartoon Powersword
evilmike @jarrelldh Sorry, it doesn't work this way. If you order on the Shapeways website, I do not have any influence on the production and shipping process. I do not own shapeways. They just produce my models. You only get unpainted items here.


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