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eondesigner commented on Cthulhu D20 by eondesigner
June 8, 2017
Cthulhu D20
eondesigner @xiroshot The D20 in the photo and video is Polished Nickel Steel.
eondesigner @cipherlime yes, its balanced, I've made sure each side has the same volume of material so will give a perfectly random number. The numbers can be difficult to read though(depending on how good your eyesight is), I recommend using the inking method described in the video above to make the numbers clearer.
eondesigner commented on Celtic D20 by eondesigner
April 21, 2017
Celtic D20
eondesigner @M2T2D I have made sure each side of the die has the same volume of material, and tested prints that I have for 'randomness' and I'm very happy with the balance. But if you want an unbiased review I'm sure someone will share their thoughts.
eondesigner @dereksena That looks great! (if I say so myself), hope you are pleased with it. Thanks for sharing :)
eondesigner @dereksena I'm not sure about sealer on the polished brass, although shapeways states under the material description that it will tarnish over time so I guess not. the inking is really easy, I've done a tutorial over on my Cthulhu D20 if you want to give it a go.
eondesigner @dereksena Hi, There are some extra shots from happy customers in the comments that maybe what you are looking for. I found this photo of the Celtic Dice Set (in Bronze steel) on my PC.
eondesigner @dereksena Thanks for your interest in my dice. I don't currently have a steel D20 to photograph, I only have one in Raw silver, if you have a look through the various material pictures there's a great shot of it in there. Also, take a look at the Celtic Set for more pics, its the same D20. The steel materials have a 'softer' look, the process isn't as detailed as the precious and semi-precious metals. You can just see the print lines in the first photo but these aren't really visible to the naked eye.
eondesigner @lugiou As they are digital models I have precise control over the volume of material used in each die. I have measured the volume of each die's sides and made sure they are the same, which ensures that they have weight evenly distributed for perfect balance. These dice don't just look pretty they're made to be rolled. Hope this helps.
eondesigner @dereksena Unfortunately Shapeways has deemed the detail on some of the dice too fine to print in some materials, so unless this changes the full set won't be available in polished brass, sorry.
eondesigner @soccerplayr22 I've not seen it in matte bronze steel but it should look pretty similar to the steel one in the photo only slightly darker, it'll take up to 12 business days before it ships.
eondesigner @JamesGr Looks good in polished silver. Size is closer to 20mm, but yes about typical for a D20. Thanks for taking the time to upload the photo. I hope it rolls well for you.
eondesigner @hidoka8 I'm pleased you're happy with it. Great to see it in polished brass, thanks for sharing.
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March 15, 2017
Celtic Dice Set
eondesigner @levi_spaid My thoughts exactly. But it does make a game more of a special event when I do get time to play.
eondesigner @KhaossVadelle Hi, should be fine. Check with Shapways shipping info or drop them an email to be sure.
eondesigner @Mrspix wow, they are bright. I haven't seen them in matte gold before, love the wash, gives it a nice antiqued finish. Thanks for sharing :)
eondesigner @AutumnAdam Hi, These dice are indeed a playable set, balanced so they roll randomly. They don't feel too sharp in your hand, although due to the weight and hardness could damage a table over time, I'd recommend rolling them on a book or mat if you are worried about this.
eondesigner @itgiawa Hi, interesting question, I will check for you … Well it seems there is enough steel in there to be magnetic, I just stuck a fridge magnet to my D20. I’m not sure how strong the magnetism is, as there is bronze mixed with the steel and bronze isn’t magnetic. Hope this helps.
eondesigner @rockkitten94 Yes, all standard size RPG dice. I also do a separate oversize D20.
eondesigner @Blake1 Cost would depend on what country you are in. Easiest way to price check is visit my shop and from there add each die you want to the shopping cart. That will give you an accurate cost including a shipping price to your country. You aren't committed to buy at that point and can simply remove items from the cart should you change your mind.
eondesigner @Blake1The gold plating should be pretty tough, but may wear over time, although the steel has a gold tint so will blend in nicely. Silver is available but you would need to order each die separately as Shapeways cannot produce multiple parts in the cast metals.
eondesigner @mmatijaa It seems Shapeways is able to ship to your country. Check the following link to be sure:
eondesigner @Aesairas Hi, a friend of mine uses the grey steel set and they have been fine, they do come out quite dark, great for gaming though unless you play by candle light. I expect over time the grey will wear on the surface but this will add to them I think as the lighter coloured steel will start to show through. Glad to answer any other questions you may have.
Celtic Dice now available as a full set of seven, including the Percentile D10 - Celtic Dice Set with Percentile D10
Celtic Dice Set - Solid Centre for Plastic
eondesigner @AutumnAdam Hi, these weigh roughly about the same as a standard plastic set, as opposed to the metal version of these which are a bit heavier than an ordinary set.
eondesigner @bonniepoler Thanks for the suggestion, I did consider a bigger set with a percentile in there as well as the basic six, but it doesn’t really save much money buying a bigger set, opposed to adding individual dice. Having them separate also allows people more flexibility with materials, enabling them to mix and match. So for now, I’ll keep it simple.
eondesigner @iri282 Excellent work! Hope the other five look as good as the D4. Thanks for sharing.
eondesigner @wardweyns They look great in green, nice work enhancing the numbers.
eondesigner @inkspray I used white detail painted with watered down acrylic miniature paint, but I believe its possible to get a better effect using tea to stain them, though i haven't tried that out yet. Like Whystler's Nocturnal watch.
eondesigner @Swallowtail4887 I haven't seen the set in purple but I can see how that would be a problem, my best suggestion would be to give the dice a very light dusting with a lighter colour acrylic paint. If you're into miniature painting grab some white (or any light colour you fancy) and 'dry brush' each dice so that the paint only sits on the raised surfaces, this will exaggerate the numbers and make the dice much easier to read. Start with a very light coat and build on that, its easier to add more than to remove it. Hope this help.
eondesigner commented on Large Celtic D20 by eondesigner
September 15, 2016
Large Celtic D20
eondesigner @fb68527 Please check out my shop, I have a six dice set there or use this link, You'll need to add the individual percentage die to the order if you want it. They are all standard dice size, except this individual D20, which is the only large size die.
eondesigner commented on Celtic D10 by eondesigner
March 22, 2015
Celtic D10
eondesigner @tristanfey No sorry, with Shapeways new pricing it wouldn't save much compared to buying a dice multiple times.


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