doerrbrooke1 commented on Articulated Hands - four fingers by aamrpl8
October 2, 2019
Articulated Hands - four fingers
doerrbrooke1 Quick question. Does this include one or two hands?
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Elda (Non-Organic) by KhingK
June 14, 2019
Great Elda (Non-Organic)
doerrbrooke1 This is a Gorgeous Mask. I bought it a while ago and I have to say that after getting a paint job, it looks like it could of been an official mask.
Great Mask of Emulation (Aquatic)
doerrbrooke1 Quite a nice mask! I bought this quite a while ago but I Finally used it. It fits on a bit tight, but I know it varies from mask to mask. Overall, it looks nice and is a great addition to my collection!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Jutlin (Un-Shapeshifted) by KhingK
April 3, 2019
Great Jutlin (Un-Shapeshifted)
doerrbrooke1 Could you make your mask of dream presence and mask of life available for purchase? They looks so good!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Mask of Aging by KhingK
March 31, 2019
Great Mask of Aging
doerrbrooke1 Finally received the mask, And it looks quite nice. Good job!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Mask of Intangibility by KhingK
March 13, 2019
Great Mask of Intangibility
doerrbrooke1 Very nice! I purchased the entire set recently and this is how they look
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Suletu (Non-Organic) by KhingK
February 28, 2019
Great Suletu (Non-Organic)
doerrbrooke1 I love how this looks! I can’t wait to buy it!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Olisi by KhingK
February 10, 2019
Great Olisi
doerrbrooke1 I love how this mask looks on my Karzahni! It fits well and looks good!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Mask of Psychometry by KhingK
January 9, 2019
Great Mask of Psychometry
doerrbrooke1 Looks great on my helryx moc!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Mangai Kanohi Rode by meliug_ocan
January 9, 2019
Great Mangai Kanohi Rode
doerrbrooke1 Works very well!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Noble Avohkii by KhingK
January 9, 2019
Noble Avohkii
doerrbrooke1 Looks nice!
doerrbrooke1 commented on [commission] Kanohi Kualkama by meliug_ocan
December 7, 2018
[commission] Kanohi Kualkama
doerrbrooke1 Can you make a standard kanohi kualsi?
doerrbrooke1 commented on Great Valumi by Red_Star_Forge
September 28, 2018
Great Valumi
doerrbrooke1 Looks great! The only problem I have with it was mine was a bite loose, but I get that’s not you fault.
doerrbrooke1 commented on Noble Kanohi Hau (Turaga Lhikan) by KhingK
September 2, 2018
Noble Kanohi Hau (Turaga Lhikan)
doerrbrooke1 The mask is very nice. The only problem is that it wouldn’t fit on a toa mata head, so I had so super glue it on. Looks nice though!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Mask of Emulation - Pouks by 00dude00
December 8, 2017
Mask of Emulation - Pouks
doerrbrooke1 the connection between the upper and lower halves is brittle. when I got it out of the box it had been snapped in half. I fixed it with super glue, but I thought I should let you know.
doerrbrooke1 commented on Toa Bomonga Staff by meliug_ocan
December 5, 2017
Toa Bomonga Staff
doerrbrooke1 one thing I noticed. The Bomonga staff in the images has this cone like part above the axle. other then that, looks great!
doerrbrooke1 commented on Kanohi Hau by meliug_ocan
December 3, 2017
Kanohi Hau
doerrbrooke1 @meliug_ocan are you planning to a pakari up for sale?


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