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1/700 and 1/600 scale versions of the US Army AC-1 are now in my shop - US Army AC-1  Airship 1/700 & 1/600 scale
My US Army AC-1 re-worked for 1/285th scale is now in the shop. It features raised lettering and national insignia - US Army AC-1  Airship 1/285 scale
This is the first in my series of models of U.S. Army operated airships, the AC-1 of 1922 in 1/350th scale - US Army AC-1  Airship 1/350 scale
R100 in 1/600th scale completes the series including the R101 and the Cardington and Montreal mooring masts in this scale. I have taken the opportunity to add a bit more detail to the still tiny Control Gondola. Windows on the passenger decks are indented to allow the window bar detail to be shown, unlike on the 1/700th model. - R100 1/600th scale kit
The Montreal Airship Mooring Mast is also now available in 1/600th scale- Montreal Mooring Mast 1/700 & 1/600 scale
I've remodeled my Cardington Airship Mast for a 1/600th scale version now in my shop...
- Cardington Airship Mast 1/700 & 1/600 scale
I have upgraded my 1/700 scale Cardington Mast model to include extra detail AND to make it easier to paint. By removing the two sprues on the base, the whole of the central stairway/lift-shaft portion can now be lifted out. This also makes it easier to fit LED or other illumination in the upper part of the tower. The default material is WS&F - Cardington Airship Mast 1/700 scale (Edited)
BY special request, a set of Consolidated N2 trainers in 1/700th scale.... Consolidated N2 Trainer 1/700 scale
Early in 1917 R Type L35 was heavily modified to reduce weight and enable her to fly above attacking aircraft. Later on she was on experimental work including carrying fighter planes. Here she is in 1/700th scale... Zeppelin L35 of WWI 1/700 scale
And my final offering of the B-314 - this time simply the in-flight model either in 1/700 or 1/600 scale - Boeing B-314  Flying Boat  1/600 & 1/700 scales
The Boeing B-314 in 1/285th scale. Note that this is NOT simply a re-scale. I have redrawn the 314 here specifically with WS&F in mind. - Boeing B-314 Flying Boat 1/285 scale
The Boeing Model 314 again, this time in a set with a choice of 1/1250th or 1/1200 scales - Boeing 314 Flying Boat Set 1/1250 and 1/1200 scale (Edited)
The fabulous Boeing B-314 Flying Boat in a set
including the in-flight model, a beaching trolley and a waterline model in a choice of 1/700 or 1/600 scales - Boeing B-314 Flying Boat Set 1/700 & 1/600 scales
Abrams M1A1 3-pack and six-pack, HEMTT Fire Fighting Trucks and Patriot convoy vehicles are all now in the 1/350th section of my shop - Abrams M1A1 1/350 scale set of 3 (Edited)
Next up in my additions to the 1/350th section of my shop is the Paladin and its' Cat!- Paladin SP Howitzer and Ammunition Supply Vehicle
Patriot Missile deployment set in 1/350th scale now in the shop - Patriot Missile System Deployed  1/350 Scale
By special request I have up-scaled some of my military vehicles from 1/700th to 1/350th and have added them to the 1/350 scale section of my shop - HEMTT Tanker & Cargo Truck Convoy 1/350 Scale
HEMTT Fire Fighting vehicles TFFT and HEWATT now join my "Convoy" range of military vehicles in 1/700th and 1/600th - HEMTT Fire Fighting Convoy
Following on from my ZPG-2 and 2W "Nan Ships" the mighty ZPG-3W is now in my shop in 1/700th and 1/600th scales - US Navy ZPG-3W  "Vigilance"
And here is the Nan-Ship in 1/1250th and 1/1200 scales... - US Navy N-Class  1/1250 & 1/1200 scale
March 4th 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the world record breaking flight of the Snowbird: just over 11 days in the air without refueling! Here's the model in 1/700 and 1/600 scale... US Navy N-Class in 1/700 or 1/600 scale (Edited)
The WW2 British trype Barage Balloon is now available in 1/285th scale as well in WS&F - British Barrage Balloon WW2 1/285  scale
This is in 1/300 scale by special request and is under the Special Items section of my shop - British Barrage Balloon WW2 1/300  scale
The Eddystone Lighthouse is now available in 1/1250th, 1/700th, 1/350th and 1/285th scales - Eddystone Lighthouse 1/285th scale
I had a diorama in mind featuring SS Zeros and a North Sea Class on anti-submarine patrol during WW1, when I came up with this..... - Lighthouse - Eddystone Rocks 1/700th scale (Edited)


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