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A straightforward re-scale of my Eddystone Lighthouse to 1/500th - Eddystone 1 500 scale nf
Hangar 6, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor in 1:600 & 1:700 - the first item in the DIORAMA section of my shopCheck out this cool product! - Hangar 6 Pearl Harbor Naval Base
Of the ten Zeppelin V-Type "Height Climbers" built, three came out of the Staaken factory . This new lodel is for finishing as one of them - Zeppelin Staaken factory V-Type
L70 was an outstanding airship and with her, Friedrichshafen attained the peak in military airship performance. But fate dealt the airship a cruel blow... Here she is in 1/700 and 1/600 scales Zeppelin L70 of WWi
L57 was the forerunner of L59, the "Africa Ship" but the two had differently shaped rudders : - Zeppelin L57 the first W Type
The German Navy Class 53, Zeppelin V Type, or to the British "the Height Climbers"! Now in the shop in 1/700 and 1/600 scales: - Zeppelin V Type "Height Climber" of WW1
German Navy airship L59, the "Africa" Ship commissioned to get desperately needed supplies to troops fighting in east Africa in 1917, is now in my shop in 1/700 and 1/600 scales. - Zeppelin L59 "Africa" 'Ship
By special request, the Short Empire Flying Boat now in 1/900 scale in the Special Items section of my shop - Short Empire Flying Boat 1/900 scale
Completing the range of ZPG-3Ws in my shop are the 1/1250 & 1200 models in FD: two versions - one with u/c up, the other c/w mobile Mooring Mast - US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance" and Mooring Mast (Edited)
And here is the US Navy ZPG-3w in 1/1250 an 1/1200 scales, firstly, very affordable in "Strong and Flexible"... US Navy ZPG-3 "Vigilance"
I will have 1/1250th and 1/1200th versions of the ZPG-3W ready in a day or two; the plan is to offer two different designs, one for WS&F and another for Frosted Detail plastics.
Popularly known as "Vigilance" this still secret, Cold War warrior, the ZPG-3W is also in the shop with undercarriage down and a mobile mooring mast - US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance" with Mooring Mast (Edited)
The mighty US Navy ZPG-3W is now in my shop in WS&F in 1/700 and 1/600 scales - US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance" in flight
K-Ship and Mooring Mast in 1/500th scale now in the "Special Items" section of my shop. - K Ship with Mast 1/500th scale
I don't think that anyone has ever produced a model of the ground breaking British R36 and so here is my 1/700th version -

BUT not only that, a 1/1250th version in WS&F as well -

AND a separate version for 1/1250th but in Frosted Detail plastics -

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! R36 in 1/700 or 1/600 scale
The JRS-1 was developed out of the S-43 and here is the S-43 in 6mm and 1/288th scales - Sikorsky S-43 1/285 & 1/288 scale with u/c down
The JRS-1 included so many detail changes that I decided I had to do the original Sikorsky S-43 as well (again in either u/c up or u/c down pose)... Sikorsky S-43 1/350 scale with u/c up
Sikorsky JRS-1 available with the U/C either up or down, designed for WS&F and great in Frosted Detail as well - Sikorsky JRS-1 1/350 scale with u/c up
The Frog R100 depicts her as she was before her tail modification and trip to Canada. Cardington Mast is therefore perhaps more appropriate... Cardington Mast to match the FROG R100 kit
The mooring mast supplied with the Frog kit is massively over size. This is the true-scale alternative AND with a lot more detail... Montreal Mast to match the FROG R100 kit
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September 15, 2017
Following on from my R-Type, a 1/1250th scale Zeppelin P-Type in S&F is now in my shop - only a little less detail than in FD but very much more affordable! - Zeppelin P Type 1/1250 scale (S&F)
1/1250th Zeppelin R-Type in S&F now in my shop - only a little less detail than in FD but very much more affordable! - Zeppelin R-Type of WW 1/1250 scale (S&F) (Edited)


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