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Derek66 commented on US Barrage Balloon Set of 3 by Derek66
October 30, 2019
US Barrage Balloon Set of 3
Derek66 Thanks , the caption error was a howler and is now corrected! I will have to wait to see if anyone can identify which group is in the photo.
Paladin and her CAT in Convoy! Here is a new set of the M109A6 with her howitzer barrel secure in it's travelling lock - Paladin SP Howitzer and CAT Convoy (Edited)
I have FINISHED at last, updating all of my 1/700 &600 military models so that each set is now held within a cage. In the process I have added and modified details here and there, but the main objective has been to have NO SPRUES TO HAVE TO CUT OFF each tiny model. Just try doing it in these microscales and you will appreciate this goal! On my Paladin howitzer set, the gun barrels as well are now separately printed and held between two cap ends so that they cannot "escape". In the process of "caging" everything of course, we get the great advantage of massive reductions in price since the printer "sees" the cage and everything within it as one item. Enjoy! Check out this cool product! - Paladin SP Howitzer and Ammunition Supply Vehicle (Edited)
Carrying on with reworking my military models, here is the HEMTT Cargo Truck and Tanker convoy - once again, prices have HALVED! - HEMTT Cargo Truck And Tanker Convoy
S S Zero in 1/1250th and 1/1200 now in the shop... S S Zero 1/1250 and 1/1200 scale
I am finally getting round to arranging my military vehicle range with the parts in cages AND THE PRICES HALVED!!!
Here is my HEMTT Fire Fighting Convoy in 1:700 and 1:600 scale - HEMTT Fire Fighting Convoy
The awesome THAAD Missile system is now in my shop in 1:700 and 1:600 scales, first as a full 16-missile battery deployed and ready for firing...
- THAAD Missile  Deployment Set
... and here is the THAAD battery stowed and in a road convoy. Both sets include radar equipment and Fire Control vehicles. THAAD Missile Battery Convoy (Edited)
And here's a beaching trolley for the B-314 in 1/220 Z-scale - B 314 Beaching Trolley 1:220
By special request, the Boeing B-314 in 1/220, Z scale - Boeing B-314 1:220 scale
LZ114 the "Dixmude" is now in my shop in 1:1250 and 1:1200 scalesCheck out this cool product! - Zeppelin LZ114 "Dixmude" 1/1250 scale (SLS)
L59, the "Afrika Schiff" now in the shop in 1/1250th and 1/1200 scales - L59 "Afrika Schiff" 1/1250 scale (SLS) (Edited)
L65 was the first Zeppelin to have cantilever-section tail fins with a minimum of external wire bracing. This design feature was then used in the X-Types. Here she is in 1:700 and 1:600 scales - Zeppelin L65 of WW1
L70 was an outstanding airship and with her, Friedrichshafen attained the peak in military airship performance! Here she is in 1:1250 scale- Zeppelin L70 1/1250 scale (S&F)
The V-Type again in 1:1250 scale and as built at Staaken with the different rudders - Zeppelin Staaken factory V-Type (S&F)
Zeppelin V-Type (Navy L53 Class) "Height Climber", now in the shop in 1:1250 scale in Strong & Flexible. Nicely detailed, tough AND affordable!- Zeppelin V-Type "Height Climber" (S&F)
A straightforward re-scale of my Eddystone Lighthouse to 1/500th - Eddystone 1 500 scale nf
Hangar 6, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor in 1:600 & 1:700 - the first item in the DIORAMA section of my shop. - Hangar 6 Pearl Harbor Naval Base (Edited)
Of the ten Zeppelin V-Type "Height Climbers" built, three came out of the Staaken factory . This model is for finishing as one of them - Zeppelin Staaken factory V-Type (Edited)
L70 was an outstanding airship and with her, Friedrichshafen attained the peak in military airship performance. But fate dealt the airship a cruel blow... Here she is in 1/700 and 1/600 scales Zeppelin L70 of WWi
L57 was the forerunner of L59, the "Africa Ship" but the two had differently shaped rudders : - Zeppelin L57 the first W Type
The German Navy Class 53, Zeppelin V Type, or to the British "the Height Climbers"! Now in the shop in 1/700 and 1/600 scales: - Zeppelin V Type "Height Climber" of WW1
German Navy airship L59, the "Africa" Ship commissioned to get desperately needed supplies to troops fighting in east Africa in 1917, is now in my shop in 1/700 and 1/600 scales. - Zeppelin L59 "Africa" 'Ship
By special request, the Short Empire Flying Boat in 1/900 scale is now in the "Special Items" section of my shop - Short Empire Flying Boat 1/900 scale (Edited)
Completing the range of ZPG-3Ws in my shop are the 1/1250 & 1200 models in FD: two versions - one with u/c up, the other with u/c down and c/w mobile Mooring Mast - US Navy ZPG-3W "Vigilance" and Mooring Mast (Edited)


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