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My first new ship model for a while, this one is 1/1250 but will add other scales later... Project 11356 Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich"
Another 1/1250 scale russian frigate finished Frigate Project 22350 "Admiral Gorshov"
Some upscaled versions of my EFC cargo ships to 1/600 and 1/700

1/700 scale also added as option to 1/600 EFC 1013 model EFC 1020 'Laker' WW1 Freighter 1/600 & 1/700
1/100 scale version of the Eindekker 1/100 Fokker EIII
decapod commented on 1/700 Soviet Kresta 2 class cruiser by decapod
January 15, 2017
1/700 Soviet Kresta 2 class cruiser
decapod @hmsorion the 1/600 model used about 1.6 times the material of the 1/700 so unfortunately it costs quite a bit more.
decapod @hmsorion Hi - I had already upscaled it but for some reason it wasn't enabled on the website. Try this link or search my shop now and it should be there Paul
decapod favorited 1/144 Little Willie by kampfflieger
December 16, 2016
decapod commented on 1/144 Spitfire MkVC Tropical by decapod
November 16, 2016
1/144 Spitfire MkVC Tropical
decapod @pwhships2 Yes - the prop is attached to the underside of the fuselage so you can add it static or remove the blades and add a clear disc.
Yet another 1/144 Fokker EIII to add to the list on shapeways. It's been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be finished for a couple of years now
Also in 288/285 - 1/144 Fokker EIII
1/144 version of the Allouette should anyone want one. Should be OK in WSF. 1/144 Alouette II with AS11 ATGM
Dangerous Lark :)
1/100 scale (15mm wargame) 1/100 Alouette II AS11 ATGM (15mm)
All aboard the skylark... 1/100 scale (15mm wargame) 1/100 Alouette II (15mm) (Edited)
Barracudas 1/144 and 1/200 - Wheels down and up in 1/144 -
Wings folded soon 1/144 Fairey Barracuda MkII - wheels down
decapod added products to a list
July 26, 2016
A couple of my older ships scaled down to 1/1800 - 1/1800 EFC Freighters 1020 'Laker'and 1012
decapod commented on 1/1250 Slava Soviet Cruiser x 2 by decapod
May 25, 2016
1/1250 Slava Soviet Cruiser x 2
decapod Updated model after rejection due to sprues joining the two being too small - now fixed and available for ordering again.
decapod @Jnightfall @jdagee Here's a direct link to the 1/1800 model - the shapeways site is having trouble showing new models at the moment. It's FUD material only for now, it would take a lot more work to make it print in WSF Cheers, Paul
decapod @Jnightfall @jdagee - someone else just sent me a PM asking the same so I'll have a look into doing it soon, may take a little while as I've got a few jobs on but I'll let you know when it's nearly ready.
decapod @jdagee unfortunately not an easy job for these models as they were built to the material tolerances at 1/1250.
decapod commented on 1/1250 Cod Wars set 4 by decapod
February 23, 2016
1/1250 Cod Wars set 4
decapod @chromedome53 Beautiful :) Thanks for posting that. All designers love to see their creations well painted and appreciated.
decapod commented on 1/1800 Soviet Kresta 2 Cruiser by decapod
July 31, 2015
1/1800 Soviet Kresta 2 Cruiser
decapod @Jnightfall They're on the list but could be a while yet, lots of other projects need finishing first. Summer usually gets in the way of modelling, I'll get going again in the autumn.
decapod commented on 1/700 OSA-2 Missile Boat by decapod
April 18, 2015
1/700 OSA-2 Missile Boat
decapod @ngcheelik WSF now available
decapod commented on 1/700 OSA-1 Missile boat by decapod
April 18, 2015
1/700 OSA-1 Missile boat
decapod @ngcheelik WSF now available
decapod commented on 1/144 CAC Boomerang x2 by decapod
March 4, 2015
1/144 CAC Boomerang x2
decapod @wsnyder818 - it's already there :) try this link...
decapod commented on 1/1250 Soviet Kresta 2 Cruiser by decapod
March 2, 2015
1/1250 Soviet Kresta 2 Cruiser
decapod @Jnightfall I've converted this one, the OSA2 and Nanuchka to 1/1800 now - all have to be the FUD material because of the fine details.


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