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Nautilus View Loge Frame EFX48
David_McCamant @justinftz48 Hi Justin, I have several of my parts under B31 for a 31" model. At 200' long, the Nautilus comes in at a little over 31" which is 1/77th scale. Here's a link: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/steamphoenix?section=Nautilus+B31&s=0
David_McCamant Hi Emoticonic, Thank you for getting back to me, your kind compliments and for your offer to help. Please allow me to explain the logic for the current model. The main reason for the size was so the average owner of the 48 could replace the frame without major mods; it’s not a cheap model after all. What may need to be worked out would be two versions (sizes) of the view loge frame? Perhaps for this, we can work together? The actual scale for a 48 inch model of the Nautilus is 1/50th which is what I based my work on. After reading your post, I checked the model for my Settee and dang it, you are correct! The current model is 2 inches wide and should be 1.92 inches. I’ll re-upload a new version as soon as I can get to it. Warm Regards, David
David_McCamant @Emoticonic_Bates Sorry about the difficulty with the fit. It was designed to replace the whole unit. What exactly is too small? Please give me a more detailed description of the problem. I do not have an EFX 48 myself. Thank you.
Nautilus Settee B31 - VL PART 3
David_McCamant @MarcGMillis, Howdy Marc, Well, scales with movies and science fiction are not always so simple. The best way I can demonstrate the scale of the Nautilus is to use human figure analogs. It you put a 125th figure next to the Wheelhouse view ports; you'll find that the figures are too big and tall. A 125th scale figure in the Wheelhouse at the helm will fill the whole of the available height right to the ceiling. All of the interior detail will look much too small. Regardless of what it says on the plans, the Nautilus exterior sets and the hero miniature were designed and built about 10% smaller than true 'life' size for the film; we don’t know why. This has been proven through countless hours of investigation and exhaustive research. So, the true length of the boat is 200' not 178' which makes your model 144th scale. 144th scale figures will match the interior and exterior putting the boat at a correct scale. A 125th scale boat would be 19.2” long. I wanted to make sure you have the best information I can supply. Warmest Regards, David
David_McCamant @MarcGMillis Hi Marc, Thank you for your interest in my Nautilus work. A scratch built; how wonderful. All my models are based on my plans for a real boat of 200' and are therefore based on real world scales. A 16.66" model would work out to 144th scale! :) I would need to do extensive re-working of the models to print that small. Sorry, but at this point I'm creating parts for the 31 and then the 48. Perhaps in the future if the demand is strong. All the Best, David


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