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DavesMODs commented on SX J Bezel by DavesMODs
October 8, 2016
SX J Bezel
DavesMODs @jasontsr Your welcome. I did a quick sketch of the buttons just to make sure I understood correctly. Are those metal button you have? I ask because sometimes the holes on the models are a bit tight (compromises between drawing and printing in plastic) With metal button I would think this would be less an issue and I could reduce the gap (button dia vs hole dia) a bit. Make the smaller button holes a 5 rather than 5.5mm and large a 9 rather than 9.5 or 10. I'll start drawing it up and see I can modify the original in a with to use these.
DavesMODs @jasontsr It's been a while since I've drawn this up, but I think I should be able to modify it somewhat. What size buttons did you have in mind? If you can upload a picture with the dimensions or even a hand drawn sketch I can see what I can do for you.
DavesMODs This bezel is also set up to use 6 M1.6x4 soft plastic screws like those sold here http://www.mcmaster.com/?error_redirect=true#96817a797/=z9dp3g
DavesMODs @jherrera23. Yes it is, Through a partnership with http://vaposphere-usa.com/ I've been designing cases for the sx350j. This is the same style chip holder as on those boxed, but in bezel form so people can make their own custom boxes.
DavesMODs @angebond007 Your very welcome :) I do this as a hobby, and try to share all the parts I've found useful for others to use as well. I don't know if it will save much space, but I don't think it adds much if any. It really depends on the wall thickness of the box or item it's being mounted in. The bezel as is, extends inward 6.1mm from the outside face of the box. I uploaded a picture of the dimensions. I could try to alter this in a way it would shift the chip out of the box more, but that would increase the outside thickness as well, if you wanted?
MEGA Squonker  For Fatdaddy BF510 And Wireless
DavesMODs @machetie I can defiantly draw something up, but a dual 26650 would be HUGH! and probably expensive per print.
DavesMODs commented on V2 Squonker by DavesMODs
October 15, 2015
V2 Squonker
DavesMODs Pictures are up,https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1480874615551868&id=100008880308514 I post mostly to FB due to the image restraints here.
DavesMODs commented on Large Screen Dna 40 Bezel 3.1 by DavesMODs
April 26, 2015
Large Screen Dna 40 Bezel 3.1
DavesMODs @mane Hi Mane, It's made for a Hammond 1590B box with dual 18650, but it could fit in others. I'll upload a snap shot of the CAD sheet showing all the measurements, but I can also see about making a custom fit bezel for any box you wish to use :)
DNA 40 Bezel 2.1 Large Screen No Name
DavesMODs @Tread890 Unfortunately all of the shops rely of Shapeways for the actual printing, shipping and billing, so I have no control or insight on that. I would recommend sending Shapeways a message to get that kind of info.
DavesMODs commented on 2.1 Full size version by DavesMODs
February 17, 2015
2.1 Full size version
DavesMODs @derwingnut I like that blue! and with dual 18650's.... I usually get a good 2 days use out of it before the battery meter even moves ;)
DavesMODs @derwingnut I'm glad you like it, and Thank you for the kind words :) I would like to make a few items for the SX350, but I haven't yet had the opportunity to get an SX350. If you have one and wouldn't mind helping me with the dimensions I would gladly give it a try :)
DavesMODs @dbooth Thank you. I just finished a large screen version of the 2.1 and just posted it for sale in beta. I'm waiting for Shapeways to update and I can order the bezel, and I should have a DNA large screen mid to end of next month.... so for now, the screen section is untested, and only based on measurements provided to me.
DavesMODs @burton1476 I don't have a tutorial for the chip, but I can upload a picture or 2 to Facebook of how I've wired it and help you through IM if needed. Long story, but something changed with Shapeways and I was notified this could not be printed in black, so I've updated the file and this new model should be good to go in all colors now. My Facebook for 3D is https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008880308514
DavesMODs I could also make a lid with the bezel built in already for you. This would eliminated the need to cut the box but would probably restrict you to using 1X 18650 or Lipo. If you (or anyone for that fact) have a specific box you want, I don't mind doing one.... but I would have no way to check the actual fit of the printed part. I would however upload a 3D rendering of the assembly for you to view online..
DavesMODs @deepsouthboxmodder Yes, but as the box is aluminum, it's fairly easy to cut through. I used a Dremel (drill would work also with a #54 drill bit (same one I use to clean up the holes for the screws) to first drill a series of holes along my cut line. Next I use a small cut off wheel on the Dremel to "connect the dots". A wire wheel or file can then be used to clean up the cut if needed.
DavesMODs commented on DNA 20, 30, and 40 Bottom feeder MOD by DavesMODs
February 6, 2015
DNA 20, 30, and 40 Bottom feeder MOD
DavesMODs @xenonram5Nope, Wish I was in Hawaii, but I'm in Illinois with all the snow :/
DavesMODs Good to go.


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