David W Ray


DaudRay commented on 1/200 Dornier Do-17Z by kampfflieger
June 24, 2017
1/200 Dornier Do-17Z
DaudRay Sorry, already found it in 1/144 made from resin from a guy in Australia. I know Wings of Glory mixes scales, which is really bad. We're trying to keep everything in the same scale--1/144. But thanks for making the point.
DaudRay Why not offer this in 1/144 scale to supplement Wings of Glory aircraft in that scale?
DaudRay commented on 1/600 TBD x4 (FUD) by Echoco
March 16, 2016
1/600 TBD x4 (FUD)
DaudRay Understood, thanks!
DaudRay Have you ever thought of offering this aircraft in 1/144? If so, would the corrugated metal on the wing surfaces be perceptible as it is on the Japanese resin AKI offering? And how much would it cost?
DaudRay commented on Zeppelin Tip/end by TheHivesMind
January 6, 2016
Zeppelin Tip/end
DaudRay Can you tell us what scale this is in?
DaudRay commented on 1/144 Handley Page O/400 by kampfflieger
January 6, 2016
1/144 Handley Page O/400
DaudRay Do you plan to put this on sale again?
DaudRay commented on 1/144 Pfalz D.IIIA by kampfflieger
January 25, 2015
1/144 Pfalz D.IIIA
DaudRay Understood. I just felt that customers should know that there's not tight consistency in product results. Your design is great--no problem there.
DaudRay I recently received two of these. Good detail & texture. One thing was strange though. Whereas one was just as firm as all the previous "white, strong, & flexible" 3D prints I'd previously received from Shapeways, the other was very spongey. I noticed that it's wings drooped when I first removed it from the packaging. I bent it (too easily) back into correct alignment a few times before it seemed to stay in the correct shape. Then, when I painted the two aircraft, one painted normally as before, but as I painted the spongey one a lot of the oil-based Testors paint bled through the wings & came out as blotches on the bottom. When I tried to drill it to put a small magnet in the bottom, the whole aircraft started to just fold around the point where the drill bit applied pressure. Finally, I just glued the magnet on the bottom. So, this one took extra work. Eventually it looked as good as the first one, but obviously something happened in the printing causing it to get a significantly different consistency of plastic.
DaudRay commented on 1/144 RAF SE5a x2 by decapod
January 24, 2015
1/144 RAF SE5a x2
DaudRay Beautiful pieces!
DaudRay commented on 1/144 Rumpler C.IV by decapod
January 24, 2015
1/144 Rumpler C.IV
DaudRay Well done! Beautiful piece.
DaudRay commented on 1/144 Albatros D.III by decapod
January 24, 2015
1/144 Albatros D.III
DaudRay Beautiful piece!
DaudRay commented on Nieuport 16 "Rocket Armed" 1:144th Scale by jbmacek
January 24, 2015
Nieuport 16 "Rocket Armed" 1:144th Scale
DaudRay Beautiful piece!


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