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3D modeler, Designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
Your friendly neighborhood 3D artist! He models cool sci-fi thingies to fill up empty hearts!

darthrith favorited Hex Cluster Ring by darthrith
November 23, 2017
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November 22, 2017
darthrith commented on Barry Allen's Flash Ring by darthrith
October 2, 2016
Barry Allen's Flash Ring
darthrith @sully4433 Hey no problem, I've just uploaded a size 6.5 (inner diameter 16.9 mm) right here :
darthrith Hey @Rileyroo , Nickel may block most of the oxidation but do make sure you're not allergic to it! Polished grey steel is similar to regular stainless steel when it comes to oxidation. Usually I apply some clear nail polish on the inner surface to help reduce the oxidation :) And here's the link to a size 10, I just uploaded it :
darthrith @cameronbaggins No problem, I've just uploaded one right here :
darthrith @nichols5 Hi there, the best way would be to visit a jeweler or measure a ring that already fits you! This should help you figure out how to measure a ring's diameter :
US Size 9 and 10 now available! - First Order Signet Ring (Size 10 1/4 - 20 mm)
Uploaded a photo of the Imperial Signet Ring! - Imperial Signet Ring
Uploaded a photo of the Rebel Alliance Ring! - Rebel Alliance Ring (Size 10 1/4 - 20 mm)
darthrith commented on Orange Lantern Ring by darthrith
March 25, 2016
Orange Lantern Ring
darthrith @scifimuscle Heyya, I've got the link right here :
darthrith @System_moniter Sure, there's a size 11.5 (21 mm inner diameter) already uploaded :
darthrith @System_moniter I'll do just that! Thanks for the suggestions :D
darthrith @System_moniter Hi, it refers to the diameter :)
darthrith @Len2341 Yup! Head on to your inbox to check your messages, I've sent you a PM :)
darthrith commented on Green Lantern Ring by darthrith
March 15, 2016
Green Lantern Ring
darthrith @Havoc481 Thanks for the info, I expected the coating to be a lot more durable :( I wish your friend all the best with the treatment, and may the power of the Green Lanterns give him strength :)
darthrith @highball2814 Thank you! It wasn't available as no one requested for the size before I put up all the links on this page recently, but I've just uploaded it right here : Thanks again!
darthrith @nathandero Thank you for all the photos!
darthrith @Havoc481 Thank you so much for sharing! I've never seen a Rhodium plated ring and now I want one myself :D
darthrith @ajluckylu Oh my goodness thank you!
darthrith @Havoc481 Hey there, I've just made the material available, so you should be able to select it now :
darthrith Hey @ajluckylu ! Thanks, glad you like it! Nickel Steel is slightly smoother than regular Stainless Steel, but the print lines are still visible. The smoothest, shiniest materials I've seen are silver and brass. Also, make sure you don't have an allergy to nickel :(
darthrith @TannerTenor Hey TannerTenor, I've just uploaded a size 9.5 for you right here : . I've rechecked the availability of Stainless Steel for size 9.25 and it should be okay now :)
darthrith @amandamjacobsen Hey there, it doesn't come with the green paint; check out the FAQ page if you need to learn more :)
darthrith commented on Red Lantern Ring by darthrith
March 11, 2016
Red Lantern Ring
darthrith @necktwister13 Sure thing! Here's the link to a size 12 (inner diameter 21.4 mm) : *I just realized I had the size uploaded and forgot to include it in the list :/
darthrith commented on Indigo Lantern Ring by darthrith
March 10, 2016
Indigo Lantern Ring
darthrith @dcast227 Sure do, I've just uploaded a size 11 (20.6 mm inner diameter) right here :
darthrith commented on Blue Lantern Ring by darthrith
February 1, 2016
Blue Lantern Ring
darthrith @bRodeE_wAlker Hmm I've tried using a toothpick to slowly fill gaps with paint, but it'll take a lot of patience :P I suggest going out again to get a new brush :)
darthrith @capcadet99 Hey there, so far all of the rings were painted painted by the customers themselves, so I'm not sure of where to find such a service. I do suggest using enamel paints like Testors from art shops, and you can even ask for advice on how to use it :)
darthrith commented on Yellow Lantern Ring by darthrith
December 9, 2015
Yellow Lantern Ring
darthrith @rinnegann It's probably a common thing but we just didn't know about it :P I live in the tropics so we burn all year long hahah
darthrith @rinnegann Hmm have you tried coating the inner surface with some clear nail polish? Maybe a few coats will increase the thickness :) I'm no jeweler, but I think going a size lower should be sufficient.
darthrith commented on Violet Lantern Ring by darthrith
November 3, 2015
Violet Lantern Ring
darthrith @ProudCitizen Sure thing, I've just made Transparent Acrylic, FUD and FED available :D
darthrith @manic_panic_elf Omg thanks for the beautiful photo!
darthrith commented on Black Mana Ring by darthrith
September 4, 2015
Black Mana Ring
darthrith @GeZ_Hey, sorry for the late reply :( I'm not too sure about the brands over in your location, but I've heard that Testors is pretty good (maybe you could ask your local art shop for suggestions). I've tried using a toothpick and found that it works great when you just need to get a little paint into those smaller areas.
darthrith Thanks @GeZ_ ! I can give it a shot, do let me know your ring size :)
Green Lantern Ring - WotGL (Size 8 - 18.1 mm)
darthrith @dantron Heyya, everything is the same except for the groove line :)
darthrith commented on Black Lantern Ring by darthrith
February 15, 2015
Black Lantern Ring
darthrith @phoenix1017 Hey there I've sent you a PM, you can reach your Inbox using this link :
darthrith @dantron Oh dear, you're right :P
darthrith @dantron Heyya dantron! Good to see you again :) Awesome photo, thanks!
darthrith @HackArtist I personally don't prefer materials with patina finishes as I like to polish my rings but I'm thinking that a weathered look with a partially sanded off patina might look cool as well :P
darthrith commented on Assault Blaster by darthrith
January 6, 2015
Assault Blaster
darthrith @Perrych Hmmm I'm worried about the details being lost printed at that size :( Could you send me a picture of the helmet so I can see how well the details are captured?


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