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Todd Johnson


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DarthAlice added a product to a list
April 21, 2020
1.10" O.D.  Lightsaber Sled by Darth Alice
DarthAlice Thank you again for the people that keep using this simple chassis solution!. A quick update for the new Igniter2,Igniter2-R2, Sparkcolor2 and Spark2. A bit of the model needs to be trimmed for sd card access, and small holes drill for wire passages. Here is a pic of a current one I'm using in an install
DarthAlice @UndercoverRen I generally drill a couple holes in different points of the chassis to pass wires such as the ones for the battery. To attach them to a Li-ion with tabs, I simply sand the contacts a bit, use some non-corrosive soldering flux paste, pre-tin the contact (the flux helps it stick quickly), and then solder on the pre-tinned wire.
DarthAlice @goraluvsdesi Check GOTH3designs here on Shapeways. My friend Darth-Ryo has many different ones to choose from and he is the master of 3d rendering
DarthAlice @sidewinder09279 No, there is not a provision for mounting a speaker to it. These are set up for you to drill your own holes for speaker wires, accent leds and accesories. The main point of it is to hold a board and battery in place
DarthAlice @sidewinder09279 is should work as long as there are no switches or recharge ports to get in the way of where the chassis ,board and battery will sit when installed.
DarthAlice @goraluvsdesi Look up Glory of the hunt , shapeways store. My friend Darth Ryo makes more chassis sets than you can shake a stick at!
DarthAlice @goraluvsdesi MHS V1 is 1.25 inside diameter , this chassis would be loose.
GCM124-CC-01-1 - Crystal Chamber Part1 - shell
DarthAlice @Robofrets I have been cutting up the center section and have been using 15mm marbles...if you want a crystal. measure the space and buy a grab bag of small quart crystal points from Ebay
DarthAlice My go to for the TFU2!
DarthAlice favorited Alien Baby (14cm hollow) by BeyerDesign
December 5, 2016
DarthAlice favorited Alien Baby (20cm hollow) by BeyerDesign
December 5, 2016


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