dallas_loghry favorited Master Sword, 5mm Grip by TrentTroop
December 6, 2016
dallas_loghry commented on Krang Faceplate (Titan Masters) by TrentTroop
December 5, 2016
Krang Faceplate (Titan Masters)
dallas_loghry Holy... This is awesome lmao. I just need a titan master figure to do this too..hm..
Black Zarak Spear, 8 inch, 5mm grips
dallas_loghry This is awesome! I might get it for my new Omega Prime. It might be a tad short for him, but even if it is...there are tons of other figures that I can use it with.
TFP Voyager Beast King Tail/Sword Complete
dallas_loghry Wow...I need this for my Prime Cryofire Predaking. I was just thinking about contacting someone on here to desing something very much like this. Pure. Awesome!
dallas_loghry added products to a list
October 13, 2016
dallas_loghry added a product to a list
October 13, 2016
dallas_loghry commented on Sword of Glory 2.0 by evilmike
October 13, 2016
Sword of Glory 2.0
dallas_loghry I'm looking for swords from my favorite shows/movies to give to some of my bots in my Transformers collection. Are these 5mm compatible? I think the MOTU figures have always been, but I can't recall at the moment.
dallas_loghry commented on ACC-04-Swords 6-7inch by Strangefate
October 13, 2016
ACC-04-Swords  6-7inch
dallas_loghry MOTU uses 5mm hand grips, correct? I'm shopping for swords for my Transformer collection, I'm trying to find swords from my favorite shows as a kid for my favorite figures to pose with. Not having too much luck finding them though. But this Conn sword is right up there. I think my Grimlock needs it.
Feather Edge Sword - 5" Figure version
dallas_loghry Do those figures use 5MM? I think this might be a nice sword for one of myTransformers.
dallas_loghry commented on Omega Prime weapon adapter by chromahands
February 26, 2016
Omega Prime weapon adapter
dallas_loghry This is why I asked, cause he does have a peg hole in his hand.
dallas_loghry @chromahands No problem. I thank you for the response :) I'll definitely look back into this once I get RiD Optimus to go with Ultra Magnus. I've been hoping to find an adapter for Magnus for some time. But I haven't had much luck.
dallas_loghry I would assume this would work with RiD Ultra Magnus by himself?
Iron Factory Windsaber weapon upgrade
dallas_loghry Damn nice. Need an upscaled one for my Gen Windblade lol
dallas_loghry favorited Double Bladed Spear by DJForce
February 25, 2016
dallas_loghry commented on Surgeblade 5mm Sword by TrentTroop
February 24, 2016
Surgeblade 5mm Sword
dallas_loghry Wow, nice looking sword! I'd love one in a transparent green. Great job on this one!
dallas_loghry commented on Skyrim Daedric Sword Letter Opener by Hazza42
February 24, 2016
Skyrim Daedric Sword Letter Opener
dallas_loghry Oh man, I need a version of this for my Transformers! ROFL
dallas_loghry commented on Crescent Rose from RWBY by Damian_Black
February 24, 2016
Crescent Rose from RWBY
dallas_loghry Would this fit in the 5mm hands of a Transformers figure? I'd assume the figure would need to have open hands, such as many of the Prime figures do
Articulated Predaking Tail (standard)
dallas_loghry Shame. I'd like something like this for my Voyager Cryofire Predaking.
ACC-04-Sword 7inch MOTU v2.4 - Atlantean Sword
dallas_loghry I'd like a version of this for my Voyager Transformers figs...hmmmm. It might work with Prime Predaking though.


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