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DailyDurian commented on Hot-headed Captain's Head "MTMTE" by SteamShield
September 17, 2017
Hot-headed Captain's Head "MTMTE"
DailyDurian Have you considered sizing this up for the MMC Calidus mould? IMO yours is the best MTMTE Rodimus head out there!
DailyDurian @Striderneko @SteamShield I'm 100% ready for a version of this head that fits on that Rodimus Minor toy too!!! :D
DailyDurian commented on Hermes' Fans by SteamShield
May 8, 2017
Hermes' Fans
DailyDurian @SteamShield *Gasp!* Mark two is where I'll be going when you make that available. Also, I finally received the Hermes Fans last week - I'll have to set aside some time to put it together and paint it. Thanks so much WOO! :D
DailyDurian oooh...I just ordered this and was wondering if you were planning an idw-esque face plate to go with?
MTMTE Rodimus chest (Part 1 of 2)
DailyDurian Thanks for that. Will order as suggested, but was also curious on how much they'd cost in black high def! I've had great experiences with black high def! (i.e. If you enable for black high def i'll probably order two copies - one in the red/yellow polished and the second in black high def :D)
DailyDurian @obsidian30 I don't know how the pricing works between the two different options (1 piece vs 2) - how much are they currently for the two parts in black high def? (note I just noticed the link to part 2 in the description above links back to part 1!) Either way, quite happy to go with what you reckon works best :)
DailyDurian hahaha. Given how long I spent first looking for the original post on then trawling through many different search string variations on both google and in shapeways, I finally gave up and retweeted the tweet, asking if anyone else I knew had seen it on shapeways. minutes later I tried "MTMTE Rodimus Chest" in shapeways for the first time and BOOM. hahaha. the teaser looked great and hence my interest.
DailyDurian @obsidian30 Totally interested! My current order won't be ready for a little while and it'd be great to be able to add this (and part 2) on so I only ship once! :D You won't believe how long I spent looking for this piece after the feature you guys ran on April1!
DailyDurian Is this going to be made available soon? Looks great. I'm ready to buy this and part 2! (Would love it in black hi-def so it's nice and crisp!)
DailyDurian commented on Lightbar For Tumbler by SteamShield
February 5, 2017
Lightbar For Tumbler
DailyDurian Ditto - Would you also enable this in Frosted Ultra Detail?
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" for Prime
DailyDurian would you make a "season 1" head to fit this body too? Talk about inobservant - i thought this was the season 1 head until I finished sanding and priming this. AMAZING work on the sculpt btw
DailyDurian commented on Trivia the Cruciverbalist by fakebusker83
September 25, 2016
Trivia the Cruciverbalist
DailyDurian Are you going to make that funky new resin available for this and others too? :D thanks!
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2
DailyDurian @SteamShield MY BODY IS READY!! (Thanks :D)
DailyDurian Does this fit on a Prime Ratchet by any chance?
DailyDurian added a product to a list
June 17, 2015
DailyDurian commented on FB01-Preset-10s 6inch by Strangefate
June 15, 2015
FB01-Preset-10s  6inch
DailyDurian @Strangefate Cheers, chief! Glad to hear you're back online! (also a little scared as I'll then be spending a whole bunch at your store) I finally put together my work-in-progressing in your thread on thefwoosh. here: The 2nd image shows what I mean about the torso doubleballjoint being too long. I just felt like she was floating a bit without the shortened joint. Still, love what you've done and will definitely post more actiony shots when I'm done with that last head tentacle! :) -Albs
DailyDurian @Andrewsimonthomas As someone who just started painting her fine lined tattoos today, I'd recommend either a brand new really fine tipped brush, or one that you're confident has a good tip (not frayed or anything) then, I used BLACK INK to paint the details. For the red, it's as simple as using acrylic red (a bit diluted especially for that first coat) and let it soak into the plastic for a few days. I then used an airbrush to spray in some shadowing using clear red. I think it's turning out well! BTW @Strangefate - I forgot to mention in the previous post that I found the double ended balljoint (barbell?) for the torso to be approx 2-3 mm too LONG. I ended up shortening it (sliced off balljoint, cut to length, then glued back with a pin) (I've got pics that I'll put up on thefwoosh shortly) Otherwise, LOVED putting this together (and will be getting more)
DailyDurian Hey Dr Strangefate! Hope the move has gone well and you're all set up again! :) That said, I'm ALMOST done with this at last! When I get back from the states I'll definitely be buying more. Hope the issue with the blank female body not being available in white and the skeletons will be up soon! :)
DailyDurian favorited Orion head by 3dprintron
May 2, 2015
DailyDurian added a product to a list
May 2, 2015
DailyDurian commented on FB01-Body-01s 6inch by Strangefate
April 26, 2015
FB01-Body-01s  6inch
DailyDurian Hey Dr @Strangefate ! Is it possible to get this in white?


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