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ONSLOUGH GOT CANNUNNNNNSSS!!! New design for an old favourite, and a teaser for future projects that were suppossed to be done years ago... Make sure to print 2 of these :v 0N5L4U6HT - Vehicle Mode Cannon
I'm Baaaaack!!! With a new cool weapon design... ENJOY!!! STuNT1C0N5 Melee-Guns 01
W1LLY - Wheelie's Slingshot
curat_ridendo @shockwave75 (ultra late reply, sorry) Glad you liked it!! :3
curat_ridendo commented on 0-NSLT Backpack Cover L by curat_ridendo
April 13, 2017
0-NSLT Backpack Cover L
curat_ridendo @carloj2011 Whenever I get my copies of the set and check that everything is in order. If everything fits as intended I'll make them available. If you want them without testing I can make them available right now but I can't assure you the pieces will fit 100%
curat_ridendo @Moonus88@ I'm currently developing version 2.0 which I expect will be less expensive and more effective in covering Bruticus' head. As there was a strike on my country's customs office I haven't been able to get the pieces, I'll upload pictures when I receive them... :(
curat_ridendo commented on M0TR G1 Gun by curat_ridendo
March 30, 2017
M0TR G1 Gun
curat_ridendo @carloj2011 wouldn't that be way too big and expensive? It has to be at least 15 cm long for it to look good...
curat_ridendo @carloj2011 For Combiner Wars Menasor? Like the one he had in G1?
A simpler, cheap way to customize your Titans Returns Galvatron. Not just bad comedy this time... G4LV5 - UN-Titanizer Neck add-on
curat_ridendo commented on 0-NSLT Backpack Cover R by curat_ridendo
February 24, 2017
0-NSLT Backpack Cover R
curat_ridendo @HanShot1st I'm perfecting the turret now, when that's done I'll go into the HEMTT mode. :)
curat_ridendo I had an accident... I have a brken hand. :( I'm in the shelf right now, can't move my right hand and I'm in a hiatus, I had a lot of projects in mind and something that you may like. I was thinking a conversion pack to make Onslaught a HEMTT using the heel supports on Onslaught feet for the transformation. Even though with the add ons I present the figure ends up looking like a DANA Howitzer but with dual cannons. As soon as I receive the pieces I will post images.
curat_ridendo @cybersnoopy As there's a strike on my country's customs service, I won't be able to receive the pieces from mail at least for a week now. The only things I have are the renders and photoshopped images :( Note that you need to have both parts "0-NSLT Backpack Cover R" and "0-NSLT Backpack Cover L" because I had it in just one file and ended up being too expensive.
Take the AWP'ertunity to have a sniper riffle for your Perceptor. Compatible with 5mm ports - 5N1P3RC3PT0R - Perceptor's sniper riffle
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January 22, 2017
Wot r u buying...? Boomstick for the dealer... SW1NDL - Scatter Blaster
He may be annoying
but he needs his sling

I'm not good at rhymes... W1LLY - Wheelie's Slingshot
curat_ridendo commented on 0-NSLT Riffle by curat_ridendo
November 9, 2016
0-NSLT Riffle
curat_ridendo @Sigmalock Now you can print it in Green :3 Tell me how it goes if you print it!
curat_ridendo @Sigmalock Let me check...
curat_ridendo favorited Detective Adapter by InsaneGalvatron
November 3, 2016


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