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December 11, 2016
Check out the new Targetmaster Blowpipe for Triggerhappy from Transformers Titans Return! - Targetmaster Blowpipe for Transformers Titans Retu
CraftMakerInfinity favorited Donald Trump by tomislav_veg
September 25, 2016
CraftMakerInfinity commented on Heads for CW 'Overlord' by fakebusker83
August 16, 2016
Heads for CW 'Overlord'
CraftMakerInfinity Wow dude! Those sculpting skills are amazing! What program do you use? I do alright making bodies in Tinkercad, however the faces can be quite difficult without any sculpting tools.
TR Galvatron Cannon Adaptor
CraftMakerInfinity Yeah it would be awesomesauce if you could make either a replacement head, or a larger helmet for Galvatron. Because, the cavity in the chest for the mask; as Emgo pointed out, is way bigger than it needs to be, and probably is big enough to hold a full head.
Heels for deluxe Windblade
CraftMakerInfinity I have wanted Windblade before, but never got her because of the heel issue. This might have just made me want her again!
Generations Springer Semi-Articulated Hands
CraftMakerInfinity I hope Shapeways comes out with a grey strong and flexible plastic, so I can get this in grey.
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August 6, 2015
CraftMakerInfinity commented on Kreon Nemesis Prime Cab by azmorello
August 6, 2015
Kreon Nemesis Prime Cab
CraftMakerInfinity Wow! Great idea!
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June 8, 2015
CraftMakerInfinity commented on Mtmte Firestar by Lilscotty
May 29, 2015
Mtmte Firestar
CraftMakerInfinity I may actually try to design a transforming Firestar! =P
CraftMakerInfinity Lol looks good though!
CraftMakerInfinity Awesome! I'm sure it doesn't transform though lol. XP
Combiner Wars Helicopter Landing Skid-Blades
CraftMakerInfinity Hello again @TheSledgeHammer! Nice I can't wait! As for the hands, the Silverbolt/Cyclonus hands are very different from the Motormaster/Optimus hands. Just telling you in advance! ;) Have a good day/night!
CraftMakerInfinity @TheSledgeHammer Nice! Maybe you can make Articulated hands for Combiner Wars Silverbolt and/or Cyclonus? I am Planning to Get Cyclonus soon lol. Oh and I would love to see a Nightstick Targetmaster for Cyclonus too! (Not trying to be pushy, just making suggestions.) ;)
CraftMakerInfinity Nice! I never thought of this!
CraftMakerInfinity commented on Ratchetrooper Head by X3N0Wolf
May 19, 2015
Ratchetrooper Head
CraftMakerInfinity Designing the models is the hardest part.
CraftMakerInfinity Yeah I actually did a simple animation of a ball flying across the screen lol. The biggest challenge for me, are all of the little unnoticeable settings, that if one is set wrong, everything is messed up! And I end up crying and pulling out my hair. I am trying too sculpt in Blender too, I watched a video of how to make a cup, while I followed along, and it worked beautifully, but when I try to do something on my own, it looks like a pile of crap. -_-
CraftMakerInfinity @X3N0Wolf Thanks! I am wanting to hopefully try animating too. :)
CraftMakerInfinity @X3N0Wolf I downloaded Blender like a couple weeks ago, I am learning! :) Btw I forgot about, so I'll check it out for sure!
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May 19, 2015
Tarn Leader Class Head
CraftMakerInfinity @DarkcaveCustoms Lol I assume it doesn't transform. XP
TF4: AOE Warrior Of Growl (hands) for deluxe Snarl
CraftMakerInfinity Cool! I always thought Snarl looked cool, but I didn't get him because of that retched problem with his arms.
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May 14, 2015


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