Shane Blomberg


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

Spiked Shoulder pad for Knight Titan RIGHT
comradequiche @canzaniv I fear that the BA parts from armorcast have been lost in the warp!!! I haven't heard anything in months unfortunately.
comradequiche @www_tocs :( I will let this sad face represent the answer to your question unfortunately.
comradequiche @Chris_Erickson Sorry for such a late response! I sold the design to a company who said they were going to make it in resin... But I have yet to hear any news from them.
comradequiche @mulciber_volcanusHavent heard anything from them in months :(
comradequiche @Chris_Erickson I actually sent out an email to a bunch of different companies, and we went from there!
comradequiche @Chris_EricksonI I actually sold the design to another company! They were supposed to release a resin version this month but I havent heard anything from them yet!
Strap Lugs for a Sputnik Stereo Camera
comradequiche @sehrgut I just looked up pictures of the case haha! You are correct!
Iron Wolf head compatible w/ Imperial Knight Titan
comradequiche @fb31a27 glad to hear it!!! Send some pictures when done!
comradequiche @fb382d0 At one time we sold Resin casts on Ebay, but we no longer have them in production
comradequiche No problem! Sorry I should have clarified earlier, I make specifically the claw COVER, the head, feet, ice cannon, shoulder pads, and knee pad. The claw itself is by Dream Forge, a link to it can be found here (left hand): All of the runes and wolfy bitz I got from ebay
comradequiche @fb382d0 Yes, please check my Shapeways Shop for other components
comradequiche @benzin Good news! I am selling FULL sets cast in resin! The full-sets are back in stock! (Only 8 for now, but we will have 12 more next week!) See link below or look at what I am currently selling:
Prototype style hand grip for Airsoft
comradequiche @thefreshmaker24_7 Hmm, not sure, Id need to see a picture of how the existing handle slides off, and is held in place.
Heresy Knee pad compatible w/ Knight Titan
comradequiche @chris_cancian haha! Glad to hear it! strength D cat-swipe attack is always great for hiding parts!
Wolf Ice Cannon compatible w/ Imperial Knight tita
comradequiche @manic150 That robot is awesome!!! Yes for all of the parts I sell the frosted plastic works great. It is fragile but I have yet to break anything. Those swords on your bot would be my biggest concern. Luckily for the imperium (and me!) the knight titan components are thick and chunky.
comradequiche @manic150 The Frosted plastic is definitely more brittle on smaller components, where you can heat and bend FW resin and get away with it. On this part I wouldn't worry about it since its so thick and structurally sound.


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