Charles Oines


3D modeler, Artist
Freelance 3D modeler, working mostly in the games and visual fx fields.

coines23 favorited Muisan class by wilfredo267
12 hours ago
A 6mm-scale Utility Ship for your starport battleground - Utility Ship
New Murustan Orbital Station - Murustan Orbital Station
I felt this old thing needed some color. - Good Game, Next Map
And the Soviet's nuclear pulse drive fleet is complete. - USSR "Brute" class Battleship
Another new fleet in the works, this one based on Orion drives. - USS Ellington class Cruiser
coines23 commented on Terran VTOL Cruise Mode by coines23
November 1, 2016
Terran VTOL Cruise Mode
coines23 @tank_santa HiDef Black is On!
coines23 commented on Terran Ground Attack VTOL by coines23
November 1, 2016
Terran Ground Attack VTOL
coines23 @tank_santa HiDef Black is On!
coines23 commented on Buru Battleship by coines23
October 20, 2016
Buru Battleship
coines23 That looks awesome! I'll get right to that squadron idea too.
And the new fleet is complete! - Buru Carrier
Second ship in the newest fleet - Buru Gunboat
coines23 commented on ISN Battleship by coines23
August 22, 2016
ISN Battleship
coines23 @Masterscifiengineer That looks wicked!
coines23 All of those are good answers :) In addition, the rings could be radiators, or storage for magsails, and so on.
coines23 commented on Xuvaxi Adjudicator F by coines23
July 27, 2016
Xuvaxi Adjudicator F
coines23 Those got hit by the DMCA fairy a while back. I have replacements up, but they no longer look like those in that picture.
coines23 commented on Space Roach Warrior by coines23
July 8, 2016
Space Roach Warrior
coines23 Updated: Had to thicken the limbs a bit so it'd survive printing.
coines23 commented on Jovian Schild class Escort Cruiser by coines23
June 17, 2016
Jovian Schild class Escort Cruiser
coines23 Thanks! And no, I don't, but it's a 2mm post hole, and should work with any available gaming flight stand.
coines23 commented on Xuvaxi Executor by coines23
May 1, 2016
Xuvaxi Executor
coines23 CBS had a problem with those ships, so they're gone. Sorry.
coines23 commented on Tusokk Hammer class Battleship by coines23
April 13, 2016
Tusokk Hammer class Battleship
coines23 Sure. :)
coines23 commented on USASF Crockett class Battleship by coines23
April 12, 2016
USASF Crockett class Battleship
coines23 Done! However, some parts of it are iffy in steel. It looks to my eye like it'll print fine, but no guarantees.
coines23 commented on ISN Destroyer by coines23
April 10, 2016
ISN Destroyer
coines23 @Farstellar Pictures! Pictures please :D
coines23 commented on Cargo Tug: Unloaded by coines23
March 28, 2016
Cargo Tug: Unloaded
coines23 They don't snap to it, but they'll glue on just fine.


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