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RID omega prime articulated hands now availble at my shapeways store!
New upgrade part released: RID Omega Prime enhanced hip rachet parts - Omega Prime Hip Rachet Upgrade
RID Omega Prime 5mm weapon adapter x 2
chromahands @dallas_loghry hi, and sorry for the awfully belated response. i never noticed your comment on magnus' hands until 2 years after. you are correct, he does have a peg hole in his hand. and what do you know, the adapter works! thanks for pointing it out, sorry about the delay
chromahands @dallas_loghry hi, the adapter will NOT work on ultra magnus since his hands are smaller and the omega prime hands. also, the omega prime hands have a 5mm peg hole inside the palm and that's how the adapter plugs into the hand. ultra magnus does not have this peg hole
Energon Superion FULL Upgrade Set
chromahands @kawadar they work similar to the inner leg pieces done by the DMY kit, but the peg that attaches to the limbs are shifted slightly for better balance on the legs.
chromahands @tempusr134888_b307551f78 unlikely at this time since the big gun attachment has a slanted handle which makes weapon compatibility abit problematic. if i redesign the hands i will have to redo the guns too
chromahands @olongoriajr2010 hi, i can think about the katana (but abit busy now so i dunno when i will get to it), but why hands for bruticus? the fansproject add-ons already have the hands, and if you are looking for replacements, someone has done hands on shapeways such as you may want to order from him instead
Titan Master Turrets now available!
Toyworld Hardbone G1 Style Head Replacement
chromahands @jpowell428 hi, sorry no plans on any titans return figures as i have no plans on getting them at the moment, but try other shapeways artists as i am sure there others out there who have done alternate heads for titans return figures. and to clean the powder, soak it in warm soapy water and rinse it. sorry for the delay in replying
chromahands commented on Classics Optimus Prime Smokestacks by chromahands
November 10, 2016
Classics Optimus Prime Smokestacks
chromahands @fb6e3e1 hi, you will need to paint all shapeways parts yourself. i personally would just get a silver sharpie from staples/walmart and use that to apply silver to the smokestacks
Maketoys Quantron Sonic Drill Knee Replacement
chromahands @foxeye Hi, unfortunately this knee replacement part was done at a request of someone who broke his sonic drill, and he loaned the (broken) toy to me while i make the new part. so for replacement parts i need to have the damaged toy in hand to create it (mainly for testing). TBH my quantron is still MISB and unopened, but if i decide to open it (i will, one day) and play with it in the future i will keep your request in mind.
chromahands @PrimeTech21i only tried "White Strong & Flexible Polished" as shown in the photos. this part was created as a request for someone else's broken sonic drill, so i personally do not have the broken toy myself to extensively test the replacement part. but it stands fine, transforms fine so it should be okay
chromahands @PrimeTech21 hi, these are "replacements" IN CASE you broke it
chromahands commented on G1 Tracks Flight Mode Wings by chromahands
January 10, 2016
G1 Tracks Flight Mode Wings
chromahands @underdog318 well..... as much as tracks being one of my fav G1 toys, i still havent gotten my hands on MP tracks yet so no i cannot do anything at this time sorry....later this year i will get MP tracks for sure though
chromahands @underdog318 ?? sorry, don't get what you are want the wings to be smaller for the G1 toy?
G1 CrazyDevy Predator King Upgrade Kit
chromahands @underdog318 do you have the (legit non-KO) crazydevy predaking thighs? they are ratchet notch pieces for CDMW-36 hip parts which are missing for some reason in the crazydevy product more info here:
Energon Superion Head & Neck ONLY Upgrade
chromahands @GamorreanJedi hi, a diagram is now uploaded along with the photos. cut the spruces where the red lines are. as mentioned, keep as much of the antenna as possible before the "perpendicular" spruce
chromahands @GamorreanJedi a fair question, i will come up with something soon, sorry for the confusion. the only thing to watch out for are the antennas: leave as much of the "sprew" as possible
chromahands commented on Boosti-Blaze Connector--V1c by echotransformer
February 2, 2015
Boosti-Blaze Connector--V1c
chromahands no WSF polished, my friend?


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