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chrisscherle493 commented on Megazord Lightspeed Sword by TimPilot
January 5, 2017
Megazord Lightspeed Sword
chrisscherle493 @TimPilot Oh yeah, before I forget for any GoGo V fans out there that find this: Braver Sword! Call upon the light! Call upon the flame! VICTORY PROMINENCE!
chrisscherle493 @TimPilot Thanks for the help of finding this! Ordered a DX Lightspeed Megazord off of eBay; found the hoses before I found you. Plan on painting this to (mostly) show-accurate colors (gold hilt, silver blade, (metallic?) blue logo). Maybe for your next project, you could make the Lightspeed Solarzord helmet? Everyone seems to lose that, and that would help any people who are missing that part.
Mask Of Ultimate Power Titan Scale
chrisscherle493 @Slythenperior Just got the mini MoUP's I ordered last week. I took a mini can of gold spraypaint to the white one and it looks good IMO. The small version does look good on Shadow Titan Makuta, though I do wanna spring for the black Titan MoUP when I get the cash. (Thanks for the tip-off on the metal masks. I have Asperger's syndrome, and seeing that it may get stuck could mean bad news and worse news for my wallet. I'd rather spend $20.00 for good use than waste $80.00 for no good reason.) You rock dude! Viva Bionicle!
chrisscherle493 @Mesonak Is it really THE Mesonak of TheThreeVirtues? If so, please pardon me while I fanboy. I LOVED when you and Eljay played MNOG. "YOUR FACE IS A SKULL!" Brilliant if I dare say so myself. Long live Bionicle!
chrisscherle493 @Ojas432 You ordered before the Titan Size update too, huh? See my comment for help. But I'll give you some advice: The Villager Size may look smaller, but when I asked someone (who likes the MoUP in black herself), she thinks that the smaller mask makes Shadow Titan Makuta look more imposing. @Slythenperior told me that Gundam designers do that for effect. @jamilton_hamilton It's probably a White Strong and Flexible MoUP spraypainted to match TLG's standard gold coloring. Could be Yellow SaF, too, but what do I know? I'm a noob to Shapeways.
chrisscherle493 @Slythenperior I will take that as a compliment. Thnx for the quick reply! Maybe in Sept. I'll order the bigger one in Black Matte Steel (on tight budget, as is life of a Bionicle fan). Thanks again! PS. Anyone see #Rio2016 ? I did.
chrisscherle493 @Slythenperior I ordered the MoUP before you updated to the whole Titan size/Villager size thing. My order is ready to ship out. I want my own MoUP to scale well with Shadow Titan Makuta. I think my masks are in the Villager size. Is that a bad thing, or can I turn things around?
chrisscherle493 @2080 Your call. I just went with Black Strong and Flexible just so I could have it in black. Acrylic Black I'm not sure about. I believe that acrylic plastic is kinda slick and smooth, like the feel of glass. But considering imma bit of a noob to Shapeways, what do I know? Either way, it's up to you, dude. Hope I could help. (Love that Eye of Sauron GIF BTW!)
chrisscherle493 @Slythenperior I like it a lot! Looks just like the one in Journey to One. I just ordered one in Black (Strong & Flexible) and White (Strong and Flexible) each. (The white one will be getting the gold spraypaint treatment.) Any tips on how I should help my Shadow Titan Makuta MOC don his masterpiece?


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