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Chirthorpe commented on Kanohi Towuru by PunkDrunk182
May 24, 2018
Kanohi Towuru
Chirthorpe @PunkDrunk182 Well, as long as I don't jostle it around too much on a metru head it won't fall off too easily - it just does so a bit more easily than I'd like. Fortunately, the axle length is perfect for a Mata head, so that's my main workaround :) Incidentally, the pins and extension worked perfectly :D
Chirthorpe Got to say (it just arrived), the quality of the design is great. But, the cross-axle is too short, so it doesn't have quite enough grip on a Metru head.May I recommend that you lengthen it a little bit?
Chirthorpe Finally placed an order for this. It's a beautiful design. Getting it in yellow to go on a Toa Hagah MOC who is currently wearing that ugly Garai mask from Hewkii. I'll be sure to share pictures when it arrives (and I get my camera back)!
The Noble Kiril, Mask of Regeneration (Movie)
Chirthorpe My order for this mask just arrived (in red). Got to say, I really like it! I'm debating on whether I want it to represent the Great or Noble version on my sets because of how it looks so much better than a normal Kiril on a set. It fits on a Metru head perfectly, which I like. However, it lacks enough grip on a Mata head to stay on it, so it is less useful on something like Turaga Dume, ironically. It still fits, at least. So any potential buyers might want to just keep that in mind. All in all, this is a solid mask - good material, good design, good usage. I do not regret purchasing this in the slightest. Now to find someone to wear it!
Chirthorpe commented on Kanohi Alvasa by Onuku
December 7, 2017
Kanohi Alvasa
Chirthorpe Bought this mask earlier this week, arrived today. I love its skull-like design, even if it doesn't QUITE fit the whole "mask of dreams" power visually. But, it was a commission so I don't begrudge that. Anyway, onto the review portion: I think the cross-axle might be a little bit long. Judging by its shape, it seems to work best with a Metru Head and not a Mata one, so anyone intending to use it should keep this in mind. Also, the print I got had problems with the cross-axle not being well-defined and it had to be whittled down so that it would fit into the axle-connector on the Metru Head. Judging by the 3D preview on here, I think this problem may have been a combination of a design fault and Shapeways' printing standards. However, as the mask did eventually fit nicely onto my Toa of Plasma MOC, I'm not really going to complain. In any case, overall I really do like this mask, and am glad I purchased it. Attached is a potato-quality photo of the MOC wearing it.
Mask Adapter - Round Hole (with ejection feature)
Chirthorpe Is it at all possible to make the reverse? An adapter for G2 masks to fit onto G1 heads?
Chirthorpe commented on Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix by tom_rule95
October 1, 2015
Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix
Chirthorpe @tom_rule95 Hm, I see. Well, alrighty. :P
Chirthorpe @tom_rule95 Well, trying it with a Metru head I can just about almost get it on, but not slide on completely,still for the chin bits. Also, this might just be for mine but it almost gets "stuck" inside the head. It's still a bit snug on the head. Oh, but don't change the width the eyes are apart from each other - the eyes are in the perfect spot. It's just the chin area :P
Chirthorpe @tom_rule95 Of course, I'd be happy to help. I still like the design anyway even if I can't use it, I've been considering building a custom head to use it. Anyway, well, the "chin" area, and the side-bits that connect the chin to the back of the head, are too narrow, preventing it from fitting on a head. I'm testing with a Mata head as I say this. While I can't confirm this because it won't fit, I suspect the section with the eyes might also be a little too "snug" for the head to fit neatly. I suspect the face itself may need to be made "wider", although that might make it lose its angular shape. I'd provide photos if I could, but unfortunately I don't have a working camera. However, if it's a consolation, I bought another mask from you (the Sensory aptitude one) which works a charm.
Chirthorpe Hey Tom_rule! I want to say, I do love this mask. However, I'm afraid that it is currently too small - it does not fit onto a Metru or Mata-style head.It's a shame, this was the mask I was looking forward to the most. But oh well.
Kanohi Mask of Sensory Aptitude (Revised)
Chirthorpe I am happy to say that this mask is beautiful and that it looks lovely on my Toa of Water. Although it doesn't look too much like the original depiction in the comic, I'm totally okay with that - I simply consider this to be the "Great" mask of Sensory Aptitude, while the comic version was the Noble one. I mean this version does resemble a Great Mask more. Mine can't fit studs in the eyes probably due to sanding, and it's a little tight and tough to remove from the Metru head, but I don't mind, it's doable and a great mask.


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