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ceramicwombat commented on Botanical Dice Set by ceramicwombat
18 days ago
Botanical Dice Set
ceramicwombat @grixis_alon The grains are polishing medium made from walnut shell. You can pick any remaining grains of polishing medium with the end of a pin or hobby knife. Don't worry about scratching the dice. The grains will pop out with a little pressure, much less pressure than what is required to scratch the steel.
ceramicwombat @DraconisMarch I used an acrylic hobby paint. I painted them completely, allowed them to dry, and then polished them with a cloth.
ceramicwombat @evenstar Wow! Thanks for sharing the photo. Those look great.
ceramicwombat @fbcc9ed Thanks! The Shapeways stainless often has bronze notes to it. However, the ones in the video are "inked" with dark green acrylic paint.
ceramicwombat @evenstar Matte Bronze Steel ships in 11 business days.
Pinwheel Dice Set with Decader
ceramicwombat @Arkane I don't have any examples in metallic plastic, but here is the page for the material that has examples of other models in the material:
ceramicwombat commented on Dice Set by ceramicwombat
March 14, 2018
Dice Set
ceramicwombat @Vacans I think the dice in the picture you reference are plain stainless. They are not inked.
ceramicwombat commented on Thorn Dice Set with Decader by ceramicwombat
January 31, 2018
Thorn Dice Set with Decader
ceramicwombat @0rth0s Yes, I use a steel set of these as dice. The plastic version is very light. They still function as dice but are so light that they are tumbleweed-like.
ceramicwombat @ninjaman5j5 Hello. No, I do not share the models.
ceramicwombat @DaughteroftheKraken Steel ships in nine business days. The Christmas deadline will be early December, so you have plenty of time left.
ceramicwombat @Jollyjon Hello. Shapeways probably sent your d20 to someone else by mistake. Please contact with the picture of what you received and they will send you the d20.
ceramicwombat @BrodieF I'm glad you like them! Please contact with that picture and the order number so they can replace the d10 with the broken bit.
ceramicwombat @judsondommer Those are bits of polishing medium. Sometimes they get trapped in details and are not removed by production staff. A pin or xacto blade work great for removing these bits.
ceramicwombat @forgotten_reaper Yes, that sounds like a bug.
ceramicwombat @Khaleesi Hah! Thanks for sharing!
ceramicwombat @pjfreej It's a d10 numbered by 10s (10, 20, 30...). You roll it with a d10 to produce d100 results.
ceramicwombat @bhawk2021 They are supposed to be polished in a barrel tumbler but it looks like your set was taken out too soon. I'd try the casing tumbler first, as it will be easier than the Dremel method.
ceramicwombat commented on Gothic Rosette Die20 by ceramicwombat
November 1, 2017
Gothic Rosette Die20
ceramicwombat @Zer09 I have not tried to print it yet in aluminum, but I have enabled aluminum for sale on the model if you'd like to try it out.
ceramicwombat @sovrano5464 Thanks! I'm glad you love it.
ceramicwombat @hurlaroid @cesiumsponge May I share these pictures on my Facebook page? They are both too lovely to hide away in the comments section of a product page.
ceramicwombat @cesiumsponge Whoa, That's amazing!
ceramicwombat commented on Thorn Dice Set by ceramicwombat
July 17, 2017
Thorn Dice Set
ceramicwombat @insanereapers208 The set including a d100 is at
ceramicwombat @Iamnoone The matte black steel is a plating added to standard stainless prints. Shapeways charges extra for this. The difference in look is because of different lighting conditions in the pictures. In low light, they don't have much shine and can have green or brown tones. In high light, they do shine a bit despite the matte finish and appear to be a bluer shade of black.
ceramicwombat @punchthisin Yes, I saw that video when it came out! It was the high point of my month.
ceramicwombat @draco1 Shapeways renamed that material to Polished Bronze Steel. Same finish, different name.
ceramicwombat @jamespatrickjp The only difference between sides is the mass of the numbers. I have used these for five years now and have not noticed a bias in any of them.
ceramicwombat @Azulveer Thanks! Nope, I'm from the US. I enjoy wombats because I think they are great utility mammals.
I have a new Orphan up in the shop! DemiDodeca Die12
ceramicwombat commented on Large Die6 - Custom by ceramicwombat
March 3, 2017
Large Die6 - Custom
ceramicwombat @sikemack Ah, I see. Sometimes designs with a wall thickness of less than 0.7mm are rejected. You can either thicken the lines or fill in the open sections to make it printable.
ceramicwombat @sikemack Hmmm, that's odd. I know the die prints fine in steel. What was the custom image like?
ceramicwombat commented on Spore Dice Set by ceramicwombat
November 26, 2016
Spore Dice Set
ceramicwombat @felixisdanger Thanks! They do feel ultra-light in plastic. They are usable but lighter than standard resin dice.
ceramicwombat commented on Labyrinthine Die6 by ceramicwombat
November 15, 2016
Labyrinthine Die6
ceramicwombat @DoWhileGeek Yep. A standard d6 is 16mm high/wide/long, this one is 30mm. The volume and weight is about 5x one of my standard-sized d6s.
ceramicwombat @DoWhileGeek This die is already hollow. The walls are 2mm thick at most, and I can't reduce the dimensions at any point without making it unprintable.
ceramicwombat @AndyDay303 Thanks! While I tried to balance the mass on each side, I haven't rolled it enough to know if it has a bias.
ceramicwombat commented on Thorn Die6 by ceramicwombat
November 4, 2016
Thorn Die6
ceramicwombat @Skritch No, they are balanced. Each side has the same mass and symmetry except for the numbering (much like most dice).
Soft-Boiled Geodesics now available at Soft-Boiled Geodesic (6cm)
ceramicwombat commented on Moiré Die6 by ceramicwombat
September 9, 2016
Moiré Die6
ceramicwombat @AndyDay303 Yes, this die is balanced. The only difference in mass on each side is the numbers, and the difference is negligible.
ceramicwombat @sonantsea Probably the closest in size and pattern would be my Ring Dice Set at
ceramicwombat @sonantsea This is a 17mm d6, slightly larger than a standard d6. The Woven Die4 would fit proportionately with it. If I were to make other dice with this pattern, they would be quite huge.
Large Dice Set with Decader
ceramicwombat @Fortane Nice! Thanks for sharing pics!
ceramicwombat @zulujim Please E-mail your order number to me at I'll make sure they double-check they are sending you plain stainless and not bronze.
ceramicwombat @zulujim Did Shapeways send you a bronze set? If so, please send your order number and a picture of the incorrect dice to to have this error corrected.
Sputnik Dice Set With Decader
ceramicwombat @reidzilla Yes, metallic plastic is not available on these dice and many of my others because metallic plastic is brittle and, at smaller scales, obscures detail. The material is not a good fit for models this small and detailed.
ceramicwombat commented on Top Die12 by ceramicwombat
April 26, 2016
Top Die12
ceramicwombat @toby_kintay Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them!
ceramicwombat commented on Joyful Code Pendant by ceramicwombat
February 27, 2016
Joyful Code Pendant
ceramicwombat @3Diego SketchUp Pro and Blender
ceramicwombat commented on Thorn Die10 by ceramicwombat
February 16, 2016
Thorn Die10
ceramicwombat @HealixLevington Hello. They tried to print this one in the polished cast metals and it failed too many times. I don't know how the decader can be produced but this one can't, but Shapeways says it's not possible.
ceramicwombat commented on Top Die4 by ceramicwombat
December 22, 2015
Top Die4
ceramicwombat @jana_83 The stony bits are polishing medium and can be picked out with a pin or xacto blade. However, it looks like this model was not left in the polishing tumbler by the metal printing techs for long enough. Please contact with your order number and the picture below with this issue.
ceramicwombat commented on DoubleSize Thorn Die20 by ceramicwombat
December 17, 2015
ceramicwombat commented on Top Die10 by ceramicwombat
September 18, 2015
Top Die10
ceramicwombat @hartford Thanks for sharing the pic!
ceramicwombat commented on Elder Futhark Die24 by ceramicwombat
August 20, 2015
Elder Futhark Die24
ceramicwombat @elizaphn Glad you like them!
ceramicwombat commented on Caltrop Die4 by ceramicwombat
August 11, 2015


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