Bryan72 commented on YT1300 DEAGO COCKPIT by TonyRR
April 20, 2017
Bryan72 OK, thanks Tony. I have your all your awesome cockpit replacement parts and love them, so thanks again and I will be sure and purchase 1:43 figures in the future.
Bryan72 Hi Tony, I have a silly question. If I wanted to buy some figures for your cockpit, what scale is it, 1/43 or 1/48?
Caution Lights 1/43 for deago Millennium Falcon
Bryan72 Thanks so much for the additional pic. I'm sold! I have ordered a set of these and can't wait to receive them!
Bryan72 Thx for the pics of the printed parts. Would it be possible to show pics of the parts on the falcon from further back, not close up, to better illustrate their scale to the overall falcon? It would be greatly appreciated.
Bryan72 OK, sounds good. I look forward to seeing them printed out, thx.
Bryan72 I think these look great, but I am afraid that they may be too big, out of scale. When looking at pics of the full scale falcon, these red lights look about as small as the 2mm LED itself. Would help if we could see a printed housing placed on the Deago falcon for reference.
Bryan72 commented on YT1300 HSBRO GREEBLE BOX by TonyRR
October 7, 2016
Bryan72 Np, I understand. Maybe something to think about in the future??
Bryan72 Cool, thx so much. I Look forward to see what you come up with.
Bryan72 Hi Tony. I have purchased several of your upgraded parts for the DeAgo falcon and was wondering if you would be willing to consider producing the 5 foot falcon model equivalent of these parts for the DeAgo? They are from a 1/12 Mclaren M23 model kit and having a set at the DeAgo scale would be great as I have always preferred these over the 32" details.
Bryan72 commented on YT1300 HSBRO TURRET WELL by TonyRR
August 1, 2016
Bryan72 @TonyRR Cool, thx so much for creating this awesome part. I have your cockpit parts and their fabulous. I am still undecided about the interior hold. If I do choose to omit it I am gonna grab your new turret well, lol.
Bryan72 Any chance you would be willing to scale this up to the DeAgostini kit as is for those who may choose to leave the interior hold out? Thus this beauty would look awesome in place.
Bryan72 commented on FB01-Body-01s 6inch by Strangefate
February 11, 2016
FB01-Body-01s  6inch
Bryan72 Hi, just found your awesome figures. I see that you have an awesome Oola 6 inch head available to use on your 6 in female figure. I want to use your 6 in female figure with the Oola head for my 6 in Jabba throne setup. My question is I want to be able to have the figure setting on the throne as close as possible to how Oola appears in the movie. Does your figure's hip/leg articulation allow for something close to this?
Bryan72 commented on YT1300 DEAGO CABIN WALLS by TonyRR
October 26, 2015
Bryan72 OK, 1 more question, lol. It looks like the back wall is the same thickness as the stock piece. Does your back wall still fit between the 2 inner rings in the tube, thus locking it in place?
Bryan72 When you say trim the rounded tab of the cock pit cone to adapt this, what tab are you referring to?
Bryan72 commented on YT1300 DEAGO HALL COUCH COMPLETE by TonyRR
September 25, 2015
Bryan72 Which plastic finish is the primed couch in the pics; ultra or extreme detail? Thx.


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