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Brian Self


3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

Yuneec Typhoon Battery Caddy permits the use of inexpensive XT60 batteries with the Yuneec Typhoon instead of Yuneec's $100 batteries. Details will follow. http://shpws.me/MkYC Yuneec Typhoon Battery Caddy for HobbyKing 5200mah
Check out the new UltraLight Landing Gear v4.0 for your Phantom 1 mods! http://shpws.me/Mfqy UltraLight Landing Gear v4.0
Introducing the Phantom 1.6 – Fuselage Upgrade Kit 3.0 http://shpws.me/Mb20 Phantom 1.6 – Fuselage Upgrade Kit 3.0
DJI Phantom 1.5 - 40mm Battery Door Classic
BrianSelfDesign @twizted – Unfortunately, the USB/LED boards are different sizes between the Phantom 1 and the FC40. Send me a private message, and I'll see what I can do to help you out.
BrianSelfDesign @pwewegama-Yes - please send me a private message with where you're at in the process and I'll help you out.
BrianSelfDesign @emeraldcity02568 - I attached a photo taken some time ago that demonstrates the strength of the latch. (You can see it in the set of included photos here on Shapeways.) I can hold the Phantom 1.5 by the sides of the battery door, with battery, gimbal and GoPro loaded - and the door stays secure. The quick release latch is directional. If you press down on the top and bottom it will release. I've not been made aware of any issues during flight if the door installed properly and latched correctly before takeoff. Check wires also to make sure they don't interfere with the latch or are sprung up against the inside of the door.
BrianSelfDesign @emeraldcity02568 - Another tip: Check your configuration out on the ground. If you want to check to see if the door is secure, prep everything, put the batteries and wires inside and (while holding it in your hand) tip your Phantom 1.5 nose-up with the battery and cables inside and see what happens. If the door holds in a ground test situation that's greater than what the craft will experience in flight, then you should be good. Tucking the wires strategically inside and around the battery help hold the batteries in place so they don't shift side-to-side or end-to-end against the door. I hope that answers your questions satisfactorily. Thanks for your business!
BrianSelfDesign @emeraldcity02568 - thanks for your questions. 1) Use the 2 stock screws that came with your Phantom 1 that were used fasten it to the Phantom 1. I use a very fine Philips screwdriver bit - not a full-length screwdriver to carefully reach in the door to secure the tiny screws. It can be tricky, but with a little patience, you can do it in a few minutes. A tiny piece of temporary tape can help too, to give you a "third hand." 2) I've not experienced any detachment in flight during almost a year of flights. The latch is secure until squeezed top to bottom to release it. When stowing the battery and cables, check to make sure the wires are not sprung up against the door creating force against it. Tuck the wires in around the battery as much as possible. Use good judgment though. I haven't tested every battery and cable configuration. If you have a concern about fitment, trust your judgment. Perhaps a piece of suitable tape is advisable if there is a concern about detachment.
BrianSelfDesign @darkcom - please contact me directly at brianself@hotmail.com so that I can assist you.
BrianSelfDesign @darkcom - The product on this page is incompatible with the FC40 as noted in the product description above. The 40mm Battery Door for the FC40 is required to fit properly with your model. As you discovered, for whatever reason DJI put a different LED/USB board on the FC40, requiring a slightly different version of the 40mm Battery Door. For new customers you can find the correct door at this link which is also posted above: http://shpws.me/E2Xj
BrianSelfDesign @cbreitenfeld - Sorry I missed your question here. Actually the DJI NAZA-M V2 LED module is not required for the conversion. In my view it adds unnecessary cost and weight to the conversion. All that is needed is a 8" 4-pin male-to-female jumper wire extension. With this inexpensive part, you can relocate the USB/LED to the door. Vetco.com has this wire available: http://www.vetco.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=14146&gclid=CO_en7nTrL8CFQWQaQodAYwAvg
BrianSelfDesign @darkcom - glad to hear it. I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for your business.
Walkera G-3D Gimbal Mount for DJI Phantom 1.5 & 2.
BrianSelfDesign @marcelobiurrun - Hola! Yo no hablo español, Estoy utilizando Google Translate para escribir esto. Así que si algo no tiene sentido , es por eso. No sé si el montaje funcionará en un Phantom 2 Vision. Yo no tengo un fantasma 2 Vision. Si se trata de la misma como un fantasma 2 , debería funcionar . In English: I do not have a Phantom 2 Vision, so I don't know if the mount will work with it. If the mount is the same as the Phantom 2, then it should work. I hope that helps.
BrianSelfDesign @sdebeer1967 - Done. Thanks for your suggestion. It's now available in black.
BrianSelfDesign @webedge - thanks for your suggestion. Some of my featured products are as the result of suggestions like yours. I'll keep you posted if anything is developed. Thanks again!
BrianSelfDesign You're right, this product is specifically designed to fit the Phantom 1.5 or Phantom 2. Unfortunately, I don't have a Walkera mount for the original Phantom 1 at this time. Generally, when you upgrade to a gimbal and start adding components and weight, pilots need more flight time and tend to upgrade to a Phantom 1.5 configuration to stay aloft twice as long to "get the shot."
DJI Phantom FC40 1.5 - 40mm Battery Door v2
BrianSelfDesign Here's a photo illustrating where the 4-pin male-to-female jumper cable extension plugs into the NAZA. The A 4-pin jumper wire extension (shown in the picture with blue, lavender, gray and white wires) is required to extend the reach of the LED/USB wire mounted on the door up to the NAZA. These 4-pin wires are commonly used with Arduinos and can be purchased at low cost online. Plug in the 4-pin LED/USB extension wire into the correct port on the NAZA If your 4-pin extension wire fits loosely, take a small piece of electrical tape to secure to the NAZA Take note of which colors on the 4-pin extension wire correspond to the 4 wires on the LED/USB board. If necessary, write it down, because once the Phantom shell is closed, it is not possible to see the wires and how they are plugged in. In this example, the blue wire corresponds to the red wire on the LED/USB board. NOTE: Take note of the direction of the extension wire at the NAZA so that it is not reversed when you plug the USB/LED board in that is mounted on the battery door. Hope this helps.
BrianSelfDesign Here's a photo illustrating how the light mounts inside the door of the standard Phantom 1. (The FC40's USB/LED board is bigger and orients differently than the standard Phantom 1 that's shown here, and that's why this slightly different product is offered for the FC40.)
BrianSelfDesign Hi Christian. An additional note, I realized that much of the technical notes for the 40mm Battery Door were not also copied onto this listing for the battery door specifically for the FC40. I wanted to let you know that there is an extension cable that lets you bring the light you have mounted externally onto the door itself with the following 4-pin male-to-female jumper wire extension: http://www.vetco.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=14146&gclid=CO_en7nTrL8CFQWQaQodAYwAvg Hopefully this will help. Let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks for your interest.
BrianSelfDesign @christian_kasischke Hi Christian. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. I'm confused about your configuration. The USB/LED light is suppose to be mounted on the door too, if installed properly, but your photo shows the light somehow glued on the outside of the shell? In the unlikely event of a door detachment - you're the first report I've had of a door coming off - the wire should keep the door from falling off entirely. I've never had a problem in all the flights I've had, and I'm not aware of any other customer having an issue. I can't see for sure, but it may be the clasps need to fasten fully top and bottom. I'm unfamiliar with the batter you're using. If the battery is interferes with the door's clasps that may be part of the problem. Verify the door is fully fitted top and bottom before each flight, and make sure that the battery is not oversized. It's also important to keep a battery that may fit loosely in the bay from shifting inside. It's not possible to evaluate every possible combination and configuration, that's why it's important for each pilot to check everything before take off. I hope that helps. Thanks for your business.
UltraLight 20cm Landing Gear
BrianSelfDesign @topwobble - if you are interested - I have a new design that I'm working on in Beta that you might like. Write me at brianself@hotmail.com for details.


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