Inorganic Kadin (Red Star Games)
bluestreakauto1994 Is the mouthpiece based upon the prototype by chance?
Kanohi Feoho - Mask of Precognition
bluestreakauto1994 Now Nuparu can take to the skies in a mask fit for a Toa! This is the mask he should have had, for those organic masks looked so awful imo. I got it in orange since not only was Nuparu's original mask was such, but also a black strong flexible polished version did not exist. My only big issue is his axle needs thickened a bit. Mine slides out of Nuparu's head with ease, and wobbles pretty badly. If you could fix that, even if just for the strong flexible and polished versions, I would truly appreciate it.
Bionicle Articulate Mata Torso (Upper)
bluestreakauto1994 On the flexible and polished, is it incredibly rough and pebbly in texture? How is the regular flexible and polished different from the premium?
Sideways Crosswise Face (Titans Return)
bluestreakauto1994 This is a work of beauty!! A Titan Master Sideways has always been something Hasbro should have done by now. I always liked the Crosswise face best of all. The Tin Can one was really... Odd, to say the least.
bluestreakauto1994 commented on Smirking Tracker's Head by SteamShield
September 29, 2016
Smirking Tracker's Head
bluestreakauto1994 Do I use this as a replacement faceplate for a Headmaster?
Headmaster Warriors 4-Pack (Titans Return)
bluestreakauto1994 These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I wonder, do you intend to make ones of Shuffler and a G1-toy style Lione sometime? Hasbro's Lione/Sawback looks horrid.
bluestreakauto1994 commented on Truck Robot HEAD by luchengshangx
August 16, 2016
 Truck Robot HEAD
bluestreakauto1994 What figure is this intended for? It would look good on CW Optimus Prime and TR Powermaster Optimus Prime.


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