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Hello everyone, I've finally released the SBB RABe502 Twindexx in N Scale! Please have a look here: N06A - N Scale SBB RABe 502 Twindexx Cab
N04A - A-Set Waratah - N Scale
bluemattersoda @joshgnel Thanks mate, I've been considering some HO versions of this model, and possibly other trains as well - so stayed tuned! Best of luck with 3D printing!
bluemattersoda @NevS hi Nev, I've had a few requests for an HO version, so I definitely wouldn't rule out one in the future!
bluemattersoda @james291277 @james291277 hi James, I used a Mr Hobby acrylic yellow, #113 I believe. Unfortunately I can't check for you because I'm overseas at the moment... Is there any reason you're not using the decal for the orange? There is text and detail on it which would be hard to replicate by hand.
bluemattersoda @atlantean Hi guys, I've uploaded the decals here: If you've already downloaded them, please use the latest ones as of today! Thanks again for your purchase! @james291277
bluemattersoda @james291277 Hi James, thanks for your purchase! I'm currently working on an overseas train - but I have been considering more Sydney trains! What would be preferred, OSCARs, Millenniums or Tangaras?
bluemattersoda @atlantean Hi mate, sorry about the glazing - don't know how that slipped past me! I've updated it now. The recommended materials are set - for the shells, I would use FUD as it's very detailed and cheaper than FED. For the chassis, feel free to choose from the three available. The glazing has one option - choose that one! Thanks!
bluemattersoda @james291277 No worries. You can always stagger your purchase - buy the Cabs first then trailers?
bluemattersoda @james291277 Hi James, I will be releasing the Trailer cars tonight. While they haven't been test printed I don't anticipate any issues with them as I have kept the models up to date with changes to the Cab Set
bluemattersoda @atlantean @james291277 Hi there, the Waratah's now available for purchase! I've left it in Beta because I've made some small modifications to the model after the initial test print
bluemattersoda @james291277 Yep, been busy updating the models. They're ready to go, but I'm yet to test print them. Wouldn't want to start selling them until I do that!
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February 5, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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January 29, 2017
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January 26, 2017
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January 24, 2017
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January 23, 2017
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January 23, 2017
Hello everyone! Just a quick note to say the current work on SBB RABE502 Twindexx is delayed...stay tuned!

In the meantime, quick comment poll: what would you like to see modelled next - Australia, Swiss, French, other?
N04A - Waratah Cab Chassis - Part B
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa hmm, my print (including the one in the photo above) is also in Polished WSF and I havent had any issues. Could you please send me a photo (private message) so I can see what's wrong? Thanks!
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa hi there, glad your print arrived safely! The bogies are designed to be removable and replaceable so it is intentional that they can come off. That said they should stay in their sockets in normal use. Is this what's happening?
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa Hi mate, the Waratah is available for purchase again! I've also included the additional motor chassis as requested. Thanks again for your patience while the models were upgraded.
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa hi mate, Im still in the middle of updating the models. It's been a busy week and I can only fit the modelling in between work and social events. The updates should be ready this week (will message you) - thanks for your continued patience!
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa Thanks for your input! I will make the motor chassis available individually,though I still believe the second motor will not be necessary as the carriages are quite light - even with the two decks! Either way, please feel free to let me know how the model performs with one or both motors!
bluemattersoda @ce_cwhaa Hi there, while I haven't tested a full 8 car train yet the 4 car set appears to have enough power to spare. I suggest using one tomytec chassis for now (save some money!) and if it still doesn't work let me know so I can create just the motor chassis by itself for a separate purchase. Will this be OK?
bluemattersoda commented on Stadler FLIRT 3 - NS version by Jettuh
July 30, 2016
Stadler FLIRT 3 - NS version
bluemattersoda Looks great!
Sydney Trains Waratah (N Scale) train now available!


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