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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

BlackWingArsenal commented on Lee blade by BlackWingArsenal
February 24, 2017
Lee blade
BlackWingArsenal @anthonyv2 yes, this is one of my most simple designs. The black pieces seen in the colored render is the locking mechanism.
BlackWingArsenal @anthonyv2you will need two rubber bands on each side of the blade. You will have to super glue some pieces on, and you'll want a ring and string
BlackWingArsenal @GL2814 I'll add a render of it put together shortly
Hidden blade (Iris blade)
BlackWingArsenal @alex_jacob2120 Have you received it yet?
BlackWingArsenal @rediraevac the render is uploaded
BlackWingArsenal @michael_lewis1220 It's gravity wielded, but designed to withstand more pressure than other gravity wielded hidden blades.
BlackWingArsenal @rediraevac Ezio's hidden blade was definitely an inspiration for my blade, and sure, I will make the render as soon as I can
BlackWingArsenal @yuanfeng1998 I won't re-size it, I haven't much time, but I have been designing a smaller hidden blade for younger buyers. If you are interested, the blade will have a new design, similar color scheme, but it will be shorter. Also, if you are willing to draw a design for your blade, I could fit it to your specifications, sizes, colors, etc. I could even offer you the lowest price Shapeways can offer when you purchase your blade.
BlackWingArsenal @Pkr1345 The blade is ambidextrous. But I can try to 'flip' the design.
BlackWingArsenal @justinhabek I used some old thin (but nonetheless strong) rubber babds I found in my house... sorry, I don't know how to answer your question, . I leave it up for experimentation
BlackWingArsenal @justinhabek the blade is just above twice as long as it is sheathed 8 1/4 inches shearhed and 16 1/2 inches extended
BlackWingArsenal Assembly: (not including the smaller bits) Each part is numbered from left to right. 1 2 3 4 5. #4 (the blade) is placed inside #3, which is then sealed with #5 (notice, use your preferred adhesive to glue together pieces 1 an 2, and 3 and 5, when it is needed, Remember to scrub off all the excessive adhesive to allow the parts to move freely between other parts) once pieces 3 and 5 are glued correctly, and the blade is inside them, repeat the process with the new body (pieces 3 and 5 with blade inside) and place inside piece 2 and cover with 1. Velcro straps are placed in little inserts on the sides of piece 2.
BlackWingArsenal @GL2814 I have printed it in sandstone multi color. Unfortunately My niece (she loves assassin's creed) broke it while i was gone. I realized that material was too fragile, so i took it down. I would gladly put it back up if anyone wants me to. I one day plan to print it in stainless steel, but i'm assuming we both know that would end up being incredibly expensive. Haha. I too am a fan of AMMNRA's work. In fact, his work motivated me to print my original design here :j
BlackWingArsenal commented on The Elite Hidden Blade by BlackWingArsenal
January 15, 2017
The Elite Hidden Blade
BlackWingArsenal @rediraevac Sure, i'll get to it soon
BlackWingArsenal @LV55 I'm experiencing problems with my forums, so allow me to just give you my number here. Hope to hear from you soon. 503 490 7640
BlackWingArsenal @GL2814The little flap piece lock the blade in and out.
BlackWingArsenal @CelticStudios The piece farthest to the left is the blade, that is placed inside the piece next to it and covered by the piece next to that, once those three are together you should glue them together using epoxy r=or any adhesive of your choice. once that's done, place what you have put together in the piece farthest right in the picture. then place the remaining piece on top and repeat the gluing process. to put the lock mech together you must insert the flappy piece by the opening of the blade, insert medium rod through the head peice and the flappy peice, then use adhesive to glue the smaller rod through the flappy piece and the rod (make sure they are aligned to do so. once you are done all you need left of some Velcro straps, fishing wire, little but strong rubber bands, and a ring (i would suggest ammnra's adjustable rings for hidden blade).... (they're pretty cool) Hope this is helpful
BlackWingArsenal commented on ARROW - Cupid Broadhead by pinder91
October 27, 2016
ARROW - Cupid Broadhead
BlackWingArsenal does it actually fit in an arrow socket ?
Arno's Phantom Crossbow Replica For Cosplay
BlackWingArsenal How far does it shoot?
BlackWingArsenal @Manukeru Ah, I see. Very nice. I admire the detail.
BlackWingArsenal How powerful is the cross bow? And are you selling a blade remotely? And if so, Is it dual action? Or gravity wielded?
BlackWingArsenal commented on Hidden Blade by sonicknight22
December 1, 2015
Hidden Blade
BlackWingArsenal How exactly does this work?
BlackWingArsenal commented on prowler hidden blade by Lorizee1
December 1, 2015
prowler hidden blade
BlackWingArsenal How exactly does it work?
BlackWingArsenal favorited Hidden "Anything" Kit by Ammnra
November 13, 2015
BlackWingArsenal favorited Hidden Blade by nweissberg
November 13, 2015
BlackWingArsenal favorited Connor Toy Replica Kit by Ammnra
October 1, 2015
BlackWingArsenal added products to a list
September 24, 2015
BlackWingArsenal added products to a list
September 21, 2015


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