Peter Herrmann


3D modeler, Maker
A fan of the now ancient BIONICLE Series, I make my own masks for myself and others. Thanks, Frodovial. You're a life-saver! #Bonkles20...

bionicleboy32 commented on Articulated hand - set of two by Leewan
November 11, 2016
Articulated hand - set of two
bionicleboy32 @Leewan I see. Thank you.
bionicleboy32 Why do they come in that strange bubble of material? Doesn't that add to the overall cost?
bionicleboy32 favorited Sci-fi armor add-on by Leewan
November 11, 2016
bionicleboy32 commented on Kanohi Komau by Onuku
November 11, 2016
Kanohi Komau
bionicleboy32 I never owned one of these. I'll have to consider buying one.
bionicleboy32 commented on Kanohi Kakama by bionicleboy32
April 26, 2015
Kanohi Kakama
bionicleboy32 @toasaido Looks fine to me. I've got this model printing at my local school's 3D printer, so if it doesn't fit, I'll revise it. I also need to redo the renders, as they did not render facing the proper axis.
bionicleboy32 commented on Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix by tom_rule95
April 22, 2015
Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix
bionicleboy32 You made this mask excellently.
bionicleboy32 commented on Hakun's Kanohi Mask by JonStar21
April 22, 2015
Hakun's Kanohi Mask
bionicleboy32 Looks pretty good!
bionicleboy32 commented on Kanohi Ignika by 00dude00
April 22, 2015
Kanohi Ignika
bionicleboy32 I'm so happy that the model that you first posted for this has finally been released to the public. You've brought a legend to life, friend.
bionicleboy32 commented on Miru redesign by 00dude00
April 22, 2015
Miru redesign
bionicleboy32 Looks awesome.
Kanohi Pehkui - Mask of Diminishment (Kanohi)
bionicleboy32 I love your works here. However, to prevent some issues with the connector, have you ever thought of smoothing out the edges of the front bit? Lego connectors already do this, to ensure that the piece fits on. You'll probably know what I mean.
bionicleboy32 commented on Avohkii by crunchyn
February 11, 2015
bionicleboy32 A quick question: Have you ever thought of making the file Downloadable? I noticed that it doesn't have a peg for it to fit on a Bionicle Head. I'd love to have a copy I could use in MOC's.
bionicleboy32 I love this mask, especially with the newest metals they added. Rose Gold plating..... Mm.
Kanohi Taputu - Mask of Mechanics (Bionicle) v2
bionicleboy32 What else you got? I'd love to see you make a mask of Adaptation.
Kanohi Ignika - Mask of Life VNOLG (Bionicle)
bionicleboy32 @bjj8383 As an aspiring mask maker, I salute you. Maybe we could collaborate on something at some point. I'm looking forward to what you do next.
bionicleboy32 @bjj8383 I hadn't seen your stuff until just recently. Are you planning to make any other masks? Your Olisi looks very good.
bionicleboy32 Wonderful. Looks exactly like the original image. Did you make the mesh yourself? :D


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